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About "HelseOmsorg21"

The National Research and Innovation Strategy on Health and Care for the 21st Century was delivered to the Prime minister and the Minister of Health and Care Services June 2014. The aim of the Health&Care21 process was to promote evidence based health and care services characterised by high quality, patient safety and efficiency.

The Health&Care21 (HelseOmsorg21)

The Health&Care21 (HelseOmsorg21) strategy process was launched by the Ministry of Health and Care Services in 2013. The aim of the Health&Care21 process is to promote evidence-based health and care services characterised by high quality, patient safety and efficiency. The Health&Care21 process is based on the same model as the other strategy processes on research and innovation for the 21st century, such as climate research (Klima21), oil and gas research (OG21) and marine research (HAV 21).

The process

The Strategic Forum on Health and Care Research and Innovation (Chief Executives’ Forum) was established in April 2013 by the Ministry and serves as a permanent dialogue forum with responsibility for follow-up of the strategy. 

The 15 members of the Health&Care21 Strategy committee were appointed by the Ministry, and the group has been headed by Professor John-Arne Røttingen. The members of the committee represent industry, universities and university colleges, hospitals, regional health authorities, user organisations, and government agencies.

Five working groups were appointed by the strategy committee to develop five sub-reports under the Health&Care21 strategy. The themes for the five working groups were i) industrial development and entrepreneurship, ii) research quality and internationalisation, iii) the knowledge system, iv) the municipal sector and v) global health challenges. The members of each working group were recruited from universities, university colleges, research institutes, user organisations, companies, and government authorities. Each group consisted of 15-16 members.

The Research Council of Norway was appointed to serve as the secretariat for the strategy process.


The health care sector is a major sector in Norway, both in an economic and in a broader sense. About 10 per cent of Norway’s GDP is used in this sector. Economic growth and comparisons with other countries indicate that the sector will expand over the coming decades. Knowledge and innovation are the fundamental drivers underlying the desired development of the health and care sector. Sector-related knowledge forms the foundation for economic development and development of the health care industry. The dual effect of investment in knowledge and innovation will help to foster a sustainable welfare system and create value for society.

The vision of the Health&Care21 strategy is: Knowledge, innovation, and business development for better public health.

The aim of the Health&Care21 strategy is three-fold. By supporting research and innovation, the strategy seeks to contribute to:

  • Better public health – for individuals and the population as a whole, quality of care, patient safety, user involvement, innovation and efficiency.
  • Breakthrough research at a high international level – research excellence, world-leading research groups, and research in its own right.
  • National economic and business development – profitable and internationally competitive health and care industries, increased foreign investments in health-related R&D and innovation.

The three objectives are intended to be complementary and well balanced, and they include several policy areas which are interconnected. Thus, the Health&Care21 strategy prioritises 10 broad but distinct strategic initiatives based on the input and deliberations that emerged from the process as well as on the recommendations of the five working groups and two background reports from the Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU) and the RAND Corporation.

The 10 strategic initiatives of the Health&Care21 process are:

  • Increased user involvement;
  • The health care industry as an industrial policy priority;
  • Knowledge mobilisation for the municipalities;
  • Health data as a national comparative advantage;
  • Improved clinical interventions;
  • Efficient and effective services;
  • Meeting global health challenges;
  • Increased, high-quality internationalisation;
  • Development of human resources;
  • Strategic and evidence-informed governance and management.

Each of the 10 strategic initiatives includes a set of proposed actions and guidelines on how they can be implemented. The health care sector is large and complex, and requires a broad strategy of this nature. Consequently, the Health&Care21 strategy identifies five areas of particular importance for realising the strategy’s objectives.

Main priorities of the Health&Care 21 strategy:

  • Knowledge mobilisation for the municipalities with substantial, sustainable R&D funding; establishment of a national registry of municipal health and care services; and universities, university colleges and a new research institute sector that specifically aim to meet municipal needs.
  • Health care as a focus area of industrial policy with sector-specific measures and greater interaction between the public and private sectors.
  • Easier access to and increased utilisation of health data.
  • An evidence-informed health and care system based on user involvement and competence, with greater emphasis on developing new interventions and documenting the impact of these, both at the clinical level and at the organisational and system levels.
  • A strong commitment to internationalisation and increased participation in the competitive European research system.

You can read the Health&Care21 strategy here (in Norwegian) PDF - 2,2 MB .

The Action plan for the Health&Care21

The Norwegian Government presented November 2015 the Action plan for implementation of the Health&Care21 strategy.

The Action plan details how  the Norwegian Government is going to implement the suggested initiatives in the Health&Care21-strategy. Read more  here (in Norwegian) PDF - 1,4 MB .

Read the list of proposed actions from the Action plan  here (in English) PDF - 227 KB .

See Norwegian web pages for more information.

Written by:
Hilde Dorthea Grindvik Nielsen Spesialrådgiver
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