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"The Oceans and the Coastal Areas" is a coordinating marine research programme.

More about the programme

The Oceans and Coastal Areas programme has been a policy-oriented programme with the following primary objectives: to enhance Norway’s position as a leader in marine ecosystem-related research; to contribute significantly to generating greater knowledge about the marine environment; and to provide a research-based foundation for integrated, long-term management of and value creation based on marine resources.

The programme has initiated and followed up a total of 335 projects that received roughly NOK 1 billion in funding, including inherited projects with contractual obligations at the start of 2006.

For more information see the Final report from the Oceans and Coastal Areas programme - Summary PDF - 278 KB    

The MARINFORSK programme will from 2016 cover nearly all the areas of responsibility of the Oceans and Coastal Areas programme (HAVKYST).

(Photo: Erling Svensen)