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Making Sense of Science

Aqua Nor 2013 - Nidarø Hall H
13.08.2013 11:00 CET
13.08.2013 17:00 CET
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The Research Council of Norway, Innovation Norway, the Norwegian Seafood Research Fund and the European Aquaculture Society are organising the seminar “Making Sense of Science” on the opening day of the Aqua Nor 2013 exhibition.

Aqua Nor logo The purpose of the seminar is to turn the spotlight on knowledge needs in connection with the development of sustainable solutions for the aquaculture industry.

The seminar is divided into two parts: Part I is targeted towards the aquaculture industry, while Part II is targeted towards industry leaders, the authorities and politicians. Part II of the seminar will be officially opened by Norwegian Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs Lisbeth Berg-Hansen.

For Part II of the seminar please fill in the registration form.

PART I: Kl. 11:00 – 14:45 

R&D of importance to the aquaculture sector

Chair: Hans Petter Næs, FHF, and Kjell Maroni FHF/EAS

11:00–12:00 Feed and feeding

  • Vidar Gundersen, Biomar (Keynote): Changing raw materials – R&D contribution for sustainable feeds & high quality end products
  • Freddy Johnsen, Fishfeed AS/Villa Organic AS: Feed quality as seen from the industry – a prerequisite for fillet quality
  • Bente Torstensen, NIFES: EPA and DHA – fish health and human health
  • Trine Ytrestøyl / Torbjørn Åsgård, Nofima: Resource budget for raw materials in Norwegian salmon feeds 2010 and 2012

12:00–12:15 Sealice related research

  • Vidar Aspehaug, Patogen Analyse AS: Testing for sealice resistance

12:15–12.50 Recirculation/saving water/saving energy

  • Jacob Bregnballe, Akva Group (Keynote): History of recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) in European aquaculture – focus on technology and fish welfare
  • Frode Mathiesen, Grieg Seafood: RAS for Atlantic salmon smolts in practice – How far have we come?

13:00–14:00 Sterile fish

  • Nina Santi, Aquagen (Keynote): Sterile salmon – status and perspectives, why sterile salmon (escapees + protecting genetic gain + avoid early maturation)
  • Marc Vandeputte, INRA: Sterile rainbow trout – experience from France
  • John Taylor, UoStirling: Sterile salmon – final results from EU project SalmoTrip and ongoing research on triploid salmon in Scotland
  • Tom Hansen, IMR + industry repr.: Commercial scale testing of triploid sterile salmon

14:00–14:45 R&D and innovation – contribution to the industry

  • Prof. Arild Aspelund, NTNU (Keynote): What’s driving innovation
  • Arne Fredheim, SINTEF: Drivers for innovation of cage farming as seen from a technological R&D institute

14:45 Coffee break (late lunch)



PART II: Kl. 15.15 – 17:00

Registration required. Please fill in the registration form.

The Blue Economy – Knowledge Needs for Sustainable Solutions in a Gobal Aquaculture World

Chair: Christina Abildgaard – the Research Council of Norway

15:15–15:25 Opening remarks

Lisbeth Berg-Hansen, Norwegian Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs 

15:25–15:40 Aquaculture research – national and global perspectives

Arvid Hallén, Director General, the Research Council of Norway 

15:40–15:55 Perspectives on marine domestication, food and products for high price markets and mass-production

Marianne Lien, University of Oslo

15:55–16:10 Coffee break

while running ppt-presentation of R&D industry projects

16:10–16:25 Quantifying genetic effects of escaped farmed salmon on wild salmon – large-scale research cooperation

Kjetil Hindar, NINA

16:25–16:40 Fish health & vaccines – Veterinary medicine's importance

Jan Oppen Berntsen, Pharmaq AS

16:40–16:55 R&D/Innovation as prerequisite for value making and growth – global analysis of aquaculture

Ragnar Tveterås, University of Stavanger

16:50–17:00 Final comments

Vigdis Harsvik, Innovation Norway

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