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Revolutionary Constitution in the nick of time

This year Norwegians are celebrating the bicentennial of their Constitution. According to researchers, the point in history when the Constitution was adopted was highly significant for the power conferred on the Norwegian people.

Norwegian Constitution research yields answers, sparks questions

The Research Council of Norway’s initiative in connection with this year’s bicentennial of the Norwegian Constitution comprises eight very different research projects. All of them are yielding new answers as well as prompting new questions about the Constitution and its significance.

Celebrating the bicentennial of the Norwegian Constitution

When the Norwegian national assembly was deciding how to celebrate the bicentennial of our Constitution, they wanted to include a strong element of new knowledge. This was a challenge the Research Council was happy to take on.

Open access to scientific journals on culture and society

The Research Council of Norway is seeking to make the most recent findings in social science and the humanities easily accessible to all interested parties. To achieve this, changes are being made to the funding scheme for publication of journals.

1814-lecture in Tromsø

Multiculturalism is a contentious answer to the challenges of today's multicultural society. Bhikhu Parekh is one of the leading political philosophers within this tradition. On the 14th of November 2013, he held his 1814-lecture in Tromsø. Web-cast of his lecture is available.

Transformation of international law and Norwegian sovereignty in 1814

CAS-seminar 11. og 12. april på Lysebu

1814 shaped Norwegian and Danish identity

The year 1814 has played a decisive role in shaping both Norwegian and Danish identity. That was the year when Norway finally broke free from its 400-year union with Denmark and became an autonomous nation with its own Constitution.

International spotlight on freedom

Safeguarding freedom is a key challenge inherent in any constitution. As part of the coming 200th anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution, top international researchers will provide historical and current insights into how difficult it can be to achieve this goal.

The RCN grant application process: step by step

A simple video is now available which explains the Research Council of Norway’s grant application system and how applications are processed.

Research to play a key role in celebration of the Constitution

The year 2014 will mark the 200th anniversary of Norway’s emergence as a separate state with its own Constitution. The presentation of new research focusing on history, democracy and international perspectives will form part of the bicentennial celebration.