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GRUNNLOV is the Research Council of Norway’s initiative for research and knowledge on the significance of the Constitution for Norway’s development as a democratic state. Up to NOK 40 million will be applied towards the bicentennial celebration in 2014.

The objective of the research initiative is to contribute to shedding light on the importance of democracy and the constitutional state, historically and in the present day, and on future challenges.

Taking the Norwegian Constitution as its starting point, the research initiative will seek to arrive at general, fundamental descriptions of and theses regarding the Norwegian form of democracy compared with the democratic systems of other times and other states, why democracy has taken its particular form in Norway, how far democracy has come, which general democratic issues have predominated at different times and how these may have been resolved, the impact of globalisation – and in particular Europeanisation – on Norwegian democracy and which distinctive democratic challenges society is facing today.

The research initiative should be instrumental in determining which issues will play a central role in the celebration of the bicentennial anniversary of the Constitution. It is also intended to enhance the standing of Norwegian researchers in the context of Norway’s role in the development of democracy and constitutional principles at the international level.