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March 2015: The 9th Conference on Global Health and Vaccination Research

Clarion Hotel Royal Christiania
16.03.2015 00:00 CET
18.03.2015 00:00 CET
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The 9th Conference on Global Health and Vaccination Research took place at Hotel Clarion in Oslo 17-18 March 2015.The host of the 2015 conference was the Interfaculty research programme - LEVE (Livelihoods in developing countries) at the University of Oslo. A student conference was held at the University of Oslo 16 March.


Watch the live videos from the conference here:

16 March - The student conference

17 March - Day 1- GLOBVAC conference

18 March - Day 2 - GLOBVAC conference



Norwegian Forum for Global Health Research_Opening key note PDF - 161 KB
Hoosen Coovadia_17 March PDF - 1,6 MB
Tarek Meguid_17 th March PDF - 4,5 MB
Helen McShane_17 March PDF - 1,7 MB
Alicia Ely Yamin_18 March PDF - 587 KB
Session 1
Symposium 1_John Clemens, chair_17 march PDF - 1,4 MB
Symposium 1_Peter Kim Streatfield_17 march PDF - 1,2 MB     
Symposium 1_Shams El Arifeen_17 march PDF - 2,2 MB
Symposium 1_Viktoria Nankabirwa_17 march PDF - 650 KB
Symposium 2_Simon Lewin_ Intro_17 march PDF - 1,2 MB
Symposium 2_Heather Ames_17 march PDF - 1,5 MB
Symposium 2_Afiong Oku_17 march PDF - 1,8 MB
Symposium 2_Massimiliano Sani_17 march PDF - 1,5 MB
Symposium 2_Artur Muloliwa_17 march PDF - 990 KB
Symposium 2_Simon Lewin_overview_17 march PDF - 267 KB
Symposium 3_F.Marc LeForce_17 March PDF - 2,1 MB
Symposium 3_Tesfamariam Mebrahtu_17 March PDF - 1,6 MB
Session 2
Symposium 4_Rigmor C. Berg_17 March PDF - 2,7 MB
Symposium 4_R.Elise B. Johansen_17 March PDF - 1,4 MB
Symposium 4_Guyo W. Jaldesa_17 March PDF - 1,0 MB
Symposium 5_Birgit Kvernflaten_17 March PDF - 255 KB
Symposium 5_Hanneke Pot_17 March PDF - 250 KB
Symposium 5_Seydou Drabo_17 March PDF - 1,9 MB
Symposium 5_Elsbet Lodenstein_17 March PDF - 519 KB
Symposium 7_Liv Tønnesen_17 March PDF - 612 KB
Symposium 7_Maja Janmyr_17 March PDF - 301 KB
Oral Poster presentations
Oral Poster_Heather Ames_17 March PDF - 916 KB
Oral Poster_Phyllis Awor_17 March PDF - 467 KB
Oral Poster_Socheat Cheng_17 march PDF - 745 KB
Oral Poster_Frehiwot B. Defaye_17 March PDF - 831 KB
Oral Poster_Nisha Deolalikar_17 March PDF - 330 KB
Session 3
Book launch_Alicia Ely Yamin_18 march PDF - 330 KB
Book Launch_Malcolm Langford_18 March PDF - 1,3 MB
Symposium 8_Jose Ramon Franco_18 March PDF - 2,3 MB
Symposium 8_John-Arne Røttingen_18 March PDF - 974 KB
Symposium 8_Olaf Valverde_18 March PDF - 914 KB
Symposium 9_Johanne Sundby_18 March PDF - 1,6 MB
Symposium 9_Katerini Storeng_18 March PDF - 253 KB
Symposium 9_Benedikte Lindskog_18 March PDF - 2,5 MB
Symposium 10_Steven Hoffman_18 March PDF - 1,2 MB
Symposium 10_Dimitrios Gouglas_18 March PDF - 919 KB
Symposium 10_Berit Sofie Hustad Hembre_18 March PDF - 446 KB
Symposium 10_Margareth Ndomondo-Sigonda_18 March PDF - 358 KB
Symposium 12 All slides_18 march PDF - 1,3 MB
Session 4
Symposium 13_Main presentation_18 March PDF - 998 KB
Symposium 13_Daniel Magesa_18 March PDF - 312 KB
Symposium 13_Pade Mwaikambo_18 March PDF - 424 KB
Symposium 14_Sebastian Funk_March 18 PDF - 3,7 MB
Symposium 14_Johan von Schreeb_March 18 PDF - 2,3 MB
Symposium 14_Johan von Schreeb_March 18 PDF - 2,3 MB
Symposium 14_Håkon Bolkan_18 March PDF - 2,5 MB
Symposium 15_Signe K. Dørheim_18 March PDF - 2,4 MB
Symposium 15_Pashupati Mahat_March 18 PDF - 1,5 MB
Symposium 15_Suraj Thapa_18 March PDF - 2,6 MB
Closing plenary
Signe Marie Breivik_NORHED presentation_18 March PDF - 1,0 MB
Wenche Dageid_GLOBVAC updates_18 March PDF - 612 KB












The final programme for the GLOBVAC conference 2015 "How can research inform the post-2015 agenda for women's and children's health and rights?" can be found here.

See also the Book of Symposia for a detailed overview over speakers and themes for each researcher organized symposium.

For information about posters see Poster Abstracts and Oral Poster Abstracts.

The conference will be streamed on the GLOBVAC webpage and can also be followed on Twitter - #GLOBVAC2015.

Student conference
The programme for the student conference "Youth-Centered Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) in the Post-2015 Development Agenda" held on the 16th of March can be found here.

Important information

The GLOBVAC conference 2015 is fully booked, and we are not able to accommodate requests for participation at this stage.

On-site conference registration will be available in the lobby of Clarion Hotel Royal Christiania from 16th of March between 06:00-09:00 PM.

On-site registration will also be open at 08:00 PM on 17th and 18th of March. 

There are more than 350 registered participants for the conference, and the organisers urge all to meet early to avoid delaying the start of the conference at 9:00 am.

If you are presenting a poster, please get in touch with the poster registration desk on 17th of March. You will receive instructions on how and where to hang your poster. Please note that poster authors must be present and available to answer questions during designated poster sessions. 

If you are a speaker during one of the researcher organized symposia, please get in touch with the researcher organizing your symposium for all details about your presentation.

For all other inqueries about the conference, get in touch with: 

Key note speakers       


  • H.R.H Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway will open the student conference. She is actively involved in HIV/AIDS-related work at the national and international level. In 2006, she was appointed Special Representative for UNAIDS.
  • Professor Hoosen Coovadia is Director of at MatCH (Maternal Adolescent & Child Health).He is an internationally renowned and leading South African researcher in maternal and child health and has led ground-breaking research in mother-to-child transmission of HIV. His research programme is on maternal, new born and child health, focusing on implementation of prevention of HIV transmission from mothers to their infants, maternal health and postnatal care of infants, integration of health delivery services and contributes to national and global policies on the delivery of effective child health services. He holds the positions of Emeritus Professor of Paediatrics and Child Health and Emeritus Victor Daitz Professor of HIV/AIDS Research, at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.
  • Professor Per Fugelli is a physician and professor of community medicine at the University of Oslo. He is one of Norway's most frequent contributors to the public debate on public health, and has published and co-authored nearly 50 books. Fugelli's work centers around a humanistic approach to health - and social policy and he is a proponent of the view that good health is dependent on a feeling of fellowship between human beings.
  • Villa Kulild has been the Director General of The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) since December 2010, after one year as Assistant Director General. Kulild obtained a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration in 1987. In addition, she has an undergraduate course in Comparative Politics from the University of Bergen. Kulild has a solid background from public administration and served as Director General and was temporarily appointed Secretary General in the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.
  • Professor Helen McShane is Professor of Vaccinology at the Jenner Institute, University of Oxford. McShane is also the creator and head of the research group Cellular Immunology and Vaccine Development at Oxford. She has been working on a new tuberculosis vaccine since 2001. Her group has conducted a series of clinical trials in the UK, The Gambia, South Africa, Senegal and Uganda, to investigate the safety, immunogenicity and efficacy of TB vaccines. McShane has been a member of the GLOBAC programme board since 2011.

  • Professor Tarek Meguid is Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in Mnazi Mmoja Hospital and Associate Professor at the State University of Zanzibar (SUZA), School of Health & Medical Sciences, Zanzibar, Tanzania. He played a leading role in the planning and construction of two public maternity hospitals where all women can deliver in their own private rooms. Meguid is also a member of the Independent expert review group in WHO's Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health.
  • Angela Morelli is an Italian information designer based in Norway. She has an MA in Communication Design from Central St Martins, where she specialised in Information Design, a degree in Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, and an MA in Industrial Design. She is Associate Lecturer at Central St Martins in London and a passionate speaker. Besides initiating projects on environmental issues, she is currently collaborating with scientists at the Knowledge Centre in Oslo with the aim of communicating medical information to doctors, patients and policy makers. Angela serves as an ambassador for virtual water and water footprint research and was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. 

  • Alicia Yamin is a Lecturer on Global Health and Policy Director at the François-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights at Harvard University. She is trained both in law and public health. She has had a twenty-year career at the intersection of health, human rights, and development. Yamin is known globally for her pioneering scholarship and advocacy in relation to economic and social rights and rights-based approaches to health. She has contributed to the drafting of multiple General Comments by UN treaty bodies, as well as UN Human Rights Council resolutions.           

The conference venue
Read more about the conference venue Clarion Hotel Royal Christiania here.

Aim of the conference

The title of the conference is How can research inform the post-2015 agenda for women's and children's health and rights? and will present Norwegian and international research on Women and Children's Health and Rights. Recent developments in other Norwegian global health research, as well as new potential partners for international collaboration, will also be given substantial space in the programme.

The conference will be organized around four sessions and asks the questions:

• How can we ensure a priority on women and children’s health and rights within the post 2015 agenda?

• What are the lessons learned from the health related MDGs? What is the contribution of education, research and innovation in policy formulation and implementation of health and care solutions?

• How can research contribute to an approach that is gender sensitive, people-centred, rights-based,
country owned and equitable?

For more details on the theme, please read the concept note.

The conference calls on Norwegian and international researchers, students, health professionals, policy makers, representatives from biotech and others with an interest in global health to draw on their expertise and contribute to the debate on how to firmly situate women’s and children’s health and rights within the post- 2015 agenda.

It is an arena for presentations and discussions on current subjects on research for improved health in low- and middle-income countries and of relevance for Norwegian research environments.

The conference remains the main platform and meeting place for all GLOBVAC supported research projects within all the thematic areas of the programme.

The conference is a joint initiative between seven actors involved with Global Health Research in Norway: