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“Innovation for Global Health”

The 7th conference on Global health and Vaccination research will take place at the brand new Clarion Hotel and Congress Trondheim at Brattøra in Trondheim from 26 to 27 September 2012.

global health  T he title of the conference is “Innovation for Global Health” and it is organized in three main thematic areas:

  • Technology

  • Social and Political Determinants of Health
  • Norwegian Global Health Research, Education and Organization

The conference aims at bringing together Norwegian and international researchers, students, health professionals, policy makers, representatives from biotech, and others with an interest in global health.

It is an arena for presentations and discussions on current subjects on research for improved health in low- and middle-income countries and of relevance for Norwegian research environments.

The Norwegian Minister of Health and Care Services, Jonas Gahr Støre will attend, and so will several other prominent speakers. You can find the final programme and speaker biographies here PDF - 1,2 MB

Student happening
We are proud to announce that students from Trondheim will arrange a pre-conference happening the 25 September as follow up of the successful International Students festival in Trondheim (ISFIT) on Global Health last year. 





DAY ONE - Opening session

Welcome by the organisers
Rector Torbjørn Digernes, NTNU and Jesper Simonsen, The Research Council of Norway.

Norwegian priorities in Global Health Research
Jonas Gahr Støre, Minister of Health and Care Services, Norway.

Malawi: How to meet social inequalities in health and changing patterns of
disease burden
Douglas Lungu, President of Society of Medical Doctors, Malawi

Building capacity in research for health equity in Africa: Key challenges, innovations and priority actions PDF - 6,8 MB
David Sanders, University of Western Cape, South Africa.

PARALLEL SESSION 1: Mobile Technology for Health

Scaling-Up of Mobile Technology for Community Health (MOTECH) in Ghana PDF - 2,6 MB
Jacquline Moller- Larsen, Grameen Foundation, MOTECH, Ghana

Scaling up District health Information Systems- (HISP mobile) PDF - 1,6 MB  
Kristin Braa, University of Oslo, Norway

Using Electronic Diagnostic Protocols in remote areas PDF - 2,6 MB
Marc Mitchell, D-tree International, United States

mVAC - Mobile innovations in recording child vaccination and health data in immunization registers PDF - 8,7 MB
Thorkild Tylleskär and Jørn Klungsøyr, University of Bergen, Norway

PARALLEL SESSION 2 Human resources and social inequalitites in health

How to meet the global shortage of health personnel? PDF - 533 KB
Sigrun Møgedal, Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services, Norway

Developing a WHO health systems guideline on taskshifting to improve maternal and newborn health PDF - 2,2 MB
Simon Lewin/Claire Glenton, Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services, Norway

Surgical training program (STP) for middle level health officers at Masanga Hospital, Sierra Leone PDF - 4,7 MB
Håkon Bolkan, St.Olav Hospital/ The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Rapid prevention of maternal and perinatal mortality, and of obstetric fistula using a community-based catalyst approach to public health: a 41 month report (presentation not available)
Anders R. Seim, Health & Development International (HDI), Norway (oral poster)

PARALLEL SESSION 3 Accelerating Next Generation Vaccine Design for Global Disease Prevention

HIV vaccine development
Wayne Koff, International AIDS Vaccine initiative, United States

Towards a universal flu vaccine (presentation not available)
Jaap Goudsmit, Crucell, the Netherlands

Next generation malaria vaccines (presentation not available)
Simon Draper, The Jenner Institute, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Rapid protection against influenza induced by a targeted DNA vaccine (presentation not available)
Bjarne Bogen, University of Oslo, Norway

Next generation TB vaccines (presentation not available)
Else Marie Agger, Staten Serum Institut, Copenhagen, Denmark

Afternoon plenaries - Day one

Public participation in health – a view from sub-Saharan Africa PDF - 657 KB Dominique Kondji Kondji, Executive Director of BCH AFRICA; National Coordinator of Cameroon Public Health Association

What types of evidence are needed to inform decisions about health systems? PDF - 2,9 MB
Sir Andrew Haines, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (by video link)

Prospectives for global health after the 2011evalutaion of biology, medicine and health research in the Research Council PDF - 1,4 MB
Jesper Simonsen, The Research Council of Norway

PARALLEL SESSION 4: Product development and access to medicines

Sustainable Business Models and Public Private Partnerships PDF - 707 KB Frederik Kristensen, consultant, former Innovation Working Group, Norway

Developing drugs for neglected diseases PDF - 2,2 MB
Bernard Pecoul, Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative (DNDi), Switzerland

Global access to medicines - the role of universities PDF - 587 KB
Johanne H Iversen, Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM), Norway

Global access to medicines - the role of pharmaceutical industry PDF - 2,9 MB  
Wim Leereveld, Access to Medicine Foundation, the Netherlands

PARALLEL SESSION 5: Human Rights and Global Governance for Health
The health of the World`s Poor - a Human Rights Challenge PDF - 14 KB Asbjørn Eide, Prof Emeritus, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, University of Oslo, Norway

The Lancet-University of Oslo Commission on Global Governance for Health PDF - 1,6 MB
Kristin Ingstad Sandberg/Sidsel Roalkvam, from resource group that is backing the Commission, Norway

Youth Perspective on Social Determinants, Health Equity, and Global Governance PDF - 9,4 MB  
Renzo Guinto, International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations, the Philippines

Shifting paradigms on global health: A new dawn for human rights?
Kristin Ingstad Sandberg, University of Oslo, Norway

PARALLEL SESSION 6: The changing patterns of disease burden

The increased burden of Non-Communicable diseases PDF - 1,3 MB Elisabete Weiderpass, University of Tromsø/Cancer Registry of Norway/, Karolinska institutet/GLOBVAC programme board Norway/Sweden/Finland

The Global Epidemics of Diabetes- Prevention and its challenges (a disease of affluence versus poverty) PDF - 4,3 MB  
Akhtar Hussain, University of Oslo, Norway

Challenges in global mental health with focus on research and education PDF - 657 KB
Edvard Hauff, University of Oslo, Norway

Research and development program on management of Cervical cancer screening in rural Nepal PDF - 657 KB
Sunila Shakya, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology/ Kathmandu University, Nepal

Social inequalities in cervical cancer risk- results from a case-control study (presentation not available)
Berit Rostad, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway (oral poster)

Morning Plenaries – day two

Health systems: redefining the North-South partnership PDF - 5,0 MB
Biraj Karmacharya, Kathmandu University/Dhulikel Hospital, Nepal

Intellectual property issues in global health PDF - 608 KB
Lenias Hwenda, African Group of Health Diplomats in the WHO, Switzerland

Recent developments in vaccine and vaccination research PDF - 1,6 MB   Peter Smith, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine/GLOBVAC programme board, UK

Technologic innovation for improved mother and child health PDF - 8,3 MB   Frederik Kristensen, Consultant, former Innovation Working Group, Norway.

PARALLEL SESSION 7: Appropriate technologies for Women and Children's Health
The Opportunity of Public Private Partnerships. Example Laerdal Global Health PDF - 2,1 MB
Tore Lærdal, Laerdal Global health, Norway

Ultrasound in low resource settings
Sturla Eik-Nes, St.Olavs Hospital and The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Odon Device for Assisted Vaginal Delivery
Joshua Vogel/Mario Merialdi, WHO, Switzerland

Update from Commission on Life-Saving Commodities PDF - 584 KB
Unni Silkoset, Norad, Norway

Information Technology for Quality Nursing Care PDF - 484 KB  
Mohammad Ullah, icddr,b, Bangladesh (oral poster)

PARALLEL SESSION 8: New ways of collaboration for health professional organisations to support better health access in LIC

New collaboration between Health professional organisations to support better health
Dorothy Matebeni, DENOSA, South Africa

New collaboration between Health professional organisations and NGOs to support better health PDF - 1,7 MB
Haldis Kårstad, Norwegian Church's Aid, Norway

The Malawi case: new national and international ways of collaborating between Universities, Colleges and Health professional organisations
Douglas Lungu, Society of Medical Doctors, Malawi

Panel discussion:
The role of health professional organisations in joint
Start up: Siw Anethe Rinker, Statnett, Norway

PARALLEL SESSION 9: Infectious diseases and vaccines
Advancing Rotavirus Vaccine Development (ARVAC) - BBIL Phase 3 Study PDF - 1,9 MB
Georges Thiry, PATH, USA and Tor Strand, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Norway

Targeting the Escherichia coli heat-stable enterotoxin to develop a vaccine against childhood diarrhea (presentation not available)
Pål Puntervoll, University of Bergen, Norway

The Immunogenicity and Protective Efficacy of Plant-Derived Influenza H5N1 Vaccine in Preclinical Models (presentation not available)
Rebecca Cox, Gades Institute, University of Bergen, Norway

Identification of biomarkers for Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection and disease in young children from Southern India (presentation not available)
Ruth Stavrum, The Gades Institute, University of Bergen, Norway (oral poster)

Tobacco chloroplast-derived envelope protein domain III (EDIII) based Dengue Virus antigens and their molecular and immunological analyses (presentation not available)
Jihong Clarke, Bioforsk, Norway (oral poster)

PARALLEL SESSION 10: Panel debate: Conditions for Global Health Research in Norway

The European Academic Global Health Alliance PDF - 607 KB
Knut Fylkesnes, Centre of International Health, University of Bergen, Norway

The Norwegian Forum for Global health Research PDF - 62 KB
Inger Scheel, Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services

Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Stig Slørdahl, Dean, Faculty of Medicine

University of Oslo PDF - 2,3 MB
Jeanette Magnus, Faculty of Medicine University of Oslo

Paul Fife, Director of the Department for Global Health, Education and Research

The Research Council of Norway, GLOBVAC PDF - 303 KB
Mari Kristine Nes, Division for Society and Health

PARALLEL SESSION 11: New strategies for communication and participation in health in LMICs

The role of communication in polio eradication efforts PDF - 2,6 MB
Sigrun Møgedal, Independent Monitoring Board of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative

Can communication interventions improve vaccination uptake and what are the implications for health systems? A review of the evidence PDF - 1,2 MB  Simon Lewin, Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services and Medical Research Council of South Africa

Opportunities for collaborative HIV prevention: the case of same-sex attracted men in Tanzania
Kåre Moen, Institute for health and Society, University of Oslo, Norway

“If you don’t cut it, you may lose the child”: Cough, medical pluralism, and uvulectomy in Tanzania. Preliminary findings PDF - 3,0 MB
Siri Lange, Chr. Michelsen Institute, Norway (oral poster)

Afternoon plenaries – day two

Presentation of the NORHED programme PDF - 964 KB
Paul Fife, Norad, Norway

Updates from the GLOBVAC programme PDF - 346 KB
Unni Rørslett, The Research Council of Norway, Norway

The conference is a joint initiative between eight actors involved with Global Health Research in Norway.




                                    The Research Council of Norway 
                                             (The GLOBVAC programme) 



The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)



  The Norwegian Agency of Development Cooperation (Norad) 


Helsedirektoratet  The Norwegian Directorate of Health


Forum for Global health

The Norwegian Forum for Global Health Research


The Norwegian Medical Association


medisinstudenter forening

The Norwegian Medical Students’ Association


helse midt-norge

   Central Norway Regional Health Authority

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