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The Norwegian Zebrafish Platform

The vision of the Norwegian Zebrafish Platform is to serve as a state-of-the-art model fish lab, being a meeting place for academic research, students and industry.

Platform leader

Prof. Peter Aleström (Head) and Jan Roger Torp (Facility manager), Norwegian School of Veterinary Science (NVH), Department of Basic Sciences and Aquatic Medicine/BasAM, Aleström Zebrafish Lab (AZLab)


The Platform is based on the competence and infrastructure established in and by Aleström Zebrafish Lab (AZLab). The Platform, with its limited size and budget, has a local board at NVH with the Head of BasAM serving as board leader. The National communication will primarily be through the Zebrafish Network Norway (ZNN), which will meet at least once annually.

The primary FUGE network consists of NMC, Bioinformatics, CIGENE, UTS sequencing. With regard to fish networking, The Platform/AZLab will organize annual Zebrafish Network Norway (ZNN) meetings (groups in Bergen, Tromsø and Oslo). Also the AZLab/ Zebrafish Platform homepage will serve as meeting place for ZNN.

Vision and aims

The platform offers its competence and infrastructure to external users within reasonable limits and at self cost. Services and biomaterials delivered are basically invoiced. The Platform/AZLab organizes an annual PhD course in zebrafish methodology and combines the theory section for the course with an international conference/workshop for the zebrafish community in Norway. At the same occasion an annual ZNN-meeting will be held. AZLab has got AAALAC accreditation and aims at optimizing its quality at all levels in order to achieve high reproducibility of results, allowing smaller test groups and thus work towards the 3R goals.

Main focus for AZLAb research is zebrafish on embryonic stem cells, methods for in vitro culture and characterization of pluripotency markers. A second area includes mapping effects from exposures to environmental factors, like eco-toxins and micro gravity, on the transcriptomes and epigenomes.

Technology and services

  • Delivery of eggs, larvae and fish for tox studies, challenge experiments etc.
  • Offers the AZLab infrastructure for microinjection of zebrafish eggs, exposure experiments, microarray analysis etc.
  • Receives guest researchers for making transgenic zebrafish lines.
  • Arranges PhD-courses and participates in the teaching of veterinarians and animal technician students.
  • Organizes annual zebrafish conferences and ZNN meetings.


Contact information

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Platform Director:
Phone: +47 22 96 45 71

NVH Facility Manager: 
Phone: +47 22 59 71 17

Postal address: 
Aleström Zebrafish Lab
Norwegian School of Veterinary Science
P.O. Box 8146 Dep.,  0033 Oslo

Visiting address: 
Ullevålsvn 72
0454 Oslo