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Functional Genomics in Norway - FUGE

The FUGE programme comprises a national plan for research in functional genomics in Norway. The plan is designed to strengthen research in this field to bring Norway up to top international standards.

Large-scale programmes The Research Council of Norway administers and distributes public funding through more than 130 research programmes and activities. The Council has established seven large-scale research programmes in order to address policy research priorities that are of crucial importance to society.

FUGE - The National Programme for Research in Functional Genomics in Norway is one of these seven programmes. The programme runs 2002-2011. Budget 2003-2007: 150 million NOK yearly.


Functional Genomics

The successful mapping of the genomes of humans and certain animals, plants and micro-organisms has opened new doors for scientists studying biological processes. Landmark technology has made it possible to study tens of thousands of genes and proteins simultaneously.

The field of functional genomics utilizes these methods to determine the functions of the genes and proteins and the ways in which they affect one another.

This new knowledge is expected not only to enhance our understanding of biological systems, but also to spawn a host of new products and production processes. Research in functional genomics will have a considerable impact on various sectors, and will play a pivotal role in future industrial and commercial development.


FUGE is designed to enhance Norwegian research in functional genomics in the following areas:

  • Basic biological research: FUGE will strengthen basic biological research and will help to ensure that Norway emerges as a prominent player in areas of particularly strategic importance or in which it has special national advantages.
  • Medical research: FUGE will make it possible for Norwegian health care services to utilise the new knowledge and products that result from functional genomics, ensuring that Norwegian health care remains among the best in the world.
  • Marine research: FUGE will play a role in establishing the knowledge base needed to promote further development of the aquaculture industry and optimal utilisation of Norway's marine resources. It is also important to facilitate the establishment of a biomarine industrial cluster in Norway.
  • Ethical, environmental and social issues: FUGE will enable Norway to acquire knowledge about the consequences and dilemmas inherent in functional genomics research in order to supplement the public debate and help to maximise the potential positive impact of such research on society, the environment and the individual.


National Technology Platforms

National technology platforms have been established as the pillars of the FUGE programme. These platforms have national responsibility for developing specific areas of technology and will become technical service centres providing special expertise within the applicable technologies.

They provide seminars and meetings for users throughout Norway and conduct international research activities to enhance the development and utilisation of the platform technology.


Download Information Brochure about FUGE PDF - 334 KB

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