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Who decides what in FRIPRO?

Here you will find information on who is responsible for and on who decides what in FRIPRO, both employees at the Research Council and others.

The Research Board for the Division for Science

The Research Board for the Division for Science at the Research Council consists of representatives for Norwegian research and development organisations and is responsible for the strategy and organization of FRIPRO. The board provides academic advice and ensures an overall management of the academic activities and research and development portfolio within their area. If you wish to know more about the research board, please read the Mandate for the Research Boards. PDF - 62 KB  (only in Norwegian).

The Research Council of Norway

The Research Council is responsible for the calls for proposals, the evaluation process and follow-up of ongoing projects. We receive applications, allocate them to referee panels, acquire experts to participate in referee panels, organise panel and granting committee meetings, assess applications for Personal Overseas Research Grant, and continuously work on improvement of FRIPRO as a funding scheme. Approximately 40 employees at the Research Council have tasks related to FRIPRO.

The granting committees

FRIPRO is divided into three activities based on areas of research. Each activity has a granting committee consisting of researchers from Norwegian and foreign organisations. The granting committees have the final say on which applications are granted and which are rejected. The three activities are as follows:

  • FRIHUMSAM – Humanities and Social Sciences
  • FRIMEDBIO – Medicine, Health Sciences and Biology
  • FRINATEK – Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Technology

You can read more about classification of the activities and how you should proceed when choosing which activity to submit your proposal to on the page Choose an activity/granting committee.

The granting committees are responsible for completing the FRIPRO grant application review process within their areas of research, and to assist the Research Council with academic and research policy advice. Each committee consists of up to twelve members, and the members should have a high scientific expertise, that combined covers the committee's area of research in the best possible way. The committees should be gender balanced. For more information on the granting committees, read the Mandate for Granting Committees. PDF - 44 KB  (only in Norwegian)

A list of the members of each activity can be found here:

The referee panels

The referee panels consist of renowned, researchers with residence outside of Norway. Each panel normally consists of 4-7 researchers who evaluate applications within their area of expertise. During the past few years, there have been approximately 40 panels assessing the applications to one call for proposals.

The panels make the academic assessment of the proposals and rank the best proposals within each application type in their panel. The Research Council emphasises a continuous renewal in the composition of each panel, and we recruit experts for one year at a time. No one should participate in a FRIPRO referee panel for more than three years in a row. If you want to know more about the referee panels, read the mandate for the referee panels. PDF - 104 KB

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