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FRIPRO contact persons

Do you have any questions regarding FRIPRO? Send us an e-mail or call us.

All questions regarding FRIPRO

Send an e-mail to the FRIPRO mailbox.

For questions regarding Mobility Grants

For questions regarding Project Establishment Support to submit a new application to the ERC

For questions specific to one area of research


Humanities and social sciences

Activity leader Special Adviser Siri Tønseth
Discipline Person

Senior Adviser Solbjørg Rauset
Senior Adviser Johannes Waage Løvhaug
Adviser Jon Øygarden Flæten
​Senior Exectutive Officer Anette Askedal
Adviser Wiebke Ramm

Social sciences

Senior Adviser Tor Lunde Larsen
Senior Adviser Kjersti Asland
Special Adviser Siri Tønseth
Senior Advisor Hedvig Buene
Senior Adviser Marianne Helstad Nalum
​Senior Executive Officer Isabella Sandkleven Dahl
​Senior Adviser Heidi Dybesland

Project administration

Adviser Monica Enger
Senior Executive Officer Anne Klemetsen
Senior Executive Officer Isabella Sandkleven Dahl
​Executive Officer Thea Dehlie
Executive Officer Jane Hildebrand


Medicine, health and biology

Activity leader Special Adviser Christin Krokene
Discipline Person

Senior Adviser Ian Gjertz
Special Adviser Marianne Grønsleth

Molecular Life Sciences

Adviser Line Tangerås
Adviser Dyveke Hetland

Medical technology Senior Adviser Berit Sundby Avset

Special Adviser Christin Krokene
Adviser Line Tangerås

Health Sciences

Senior Adviser Sonja Prehn

Project administration

Adviser Ragnhild Urbye
Senior Executive Officer Bente Gjelsnes
Executive Officer Ingunn Aronsen


Mathematics, natural sciences and technology

Activity leader Senior Adviser Heidi Roggen
Discipline Person
Mathematics and statistics Senior Adviser Terje Strand

Senior Adviser Terje Strand
Adviser Markus Engelhardt


Adviser Markus Engelhardt
Special Adviser Øyvind Pettersen

Materials science Senior Adviser Heidi Roggen
Chemistry Senior Adviser Trude Dypvik
Computer science and ICT

Special Adviser Harald Holm Simonsen

Engineering science and technology Senior Adviser Bjørnar Solhaug
​Senior Adviser Berit Sundby Avset
Project administration

Senior Executive Officer Bente Gjelsnes
Adviser Ragnhild Urbye
Senior Executive Officer Lisbet Straume


Daily management of FRIPRO

Special Adviser Øyvind Pettersen



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Heidi Roggen Seniorrådgiver +4722037406
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