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Choose an activity/granting committee

FRIPRO is divided into three activities based on disciplines: FRIHUMSAM, FRIMEDBIO and FRINATEK. When you submit a proposal to FRIPRO, you must choose which activity to submit it to.

You may only be the project manager on one research project under each year's FRIPRO call for proposals (Researcher Project OR Young Research Talents OR FRIPRO mobility grant) so you must choose one activity and one application type. This limitation does not apply to applications for Support for Event, Personal Overseas Research Grant or Project Establishment Support to submit a new application to the ERC, so you may apply for these in addition to another application type. For Project Establishment Support there is only one call for proposals for FRIPRO, so you do not need to choose an activity.

The three activities cover, among others, the following disciplines:

FRIHUMSAM Humanities and social sciences: archaeology, criminology, cultural studies, demography, economics, aesthetics, historical studies, human geography, jurisprudence, linguistics, literature, media- and information studies, pedagogy, philosophy, political science, religion, social anthropology and sociology.
FRIMEDBIO Medicine, health sciences and biology: biology, evolution, health studies, medicine, molecular biology, psychiatry, physiology and psychology.
FRINATEK Mathematics, natural sciences and technology: chemistry, computer science, engineering, geoscience, materials science, mathematics and physics.

When choosing an activity, consider where your project best fits in. We believe that the application review process works best when a proposal is evaluated in the activity where it belongs scientifically. Remember that your proposal will be assessed by referee panels with expertise in the disciplines that correlates with the activity. Even if the success rate varies a little between the activities, your proposal won't necessarily have a greater chance in an activity with a slightly higher success rate.

Remember the following when choosing an activity:

  • In which field of research is the main part of the project? Which area is the majority of the work connected to?
  • Which disciplines do the main researchers in the project belong to?
  • Where do you intend to publish? Which areas of research do these publications cover?

Most proposals clearly belong to one specific activity, but for some multidisciplinary projects, it may be difficult to choose. Our advice is to choose the activity based on what the main part of the research will be. We have specific guidelines for processing multidisciplinary proposals. You will find more about this on the page Evaluation of interdisciplinary proposals.

If you want to know more about the granting committees and their tasks and responsibilities, read Who decides what in FRIPRO?

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