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Programme description

Research for research- and innovation policy (FORINNPOL) is an eight-year initiative to expand and better target the knowledge base for use in the design and implementation of research- and innovation policy by relevant actors. Two secondary objectives have been formulated to achieve this, 1) to generate research at a high international level with relevance for policy development, and 2) to promote the use of research and research results in policy development and implementation.

The FORINNPOL initiative will help to create a knowledge platform that can supplement, link together and facilitate the research already being conducted in the field and promote research that is innovative and useful across various user groups. The Research Council is itself a core actor and user of updated knowledge for it's own advisory activities and strategy development. An analysis of Norwegian research on R&I shows that the number of research institutions working in this field has increased considerably in recent years, but compared with the other Nordic countries, the Norwegian institutions are more fragmented, less internationally oriented and cited less frequently.

The FORINNPOL initiative will create a framework for activities in the field that can help to develop concentrated research groups of high international calibre. Funding will be allocated to a set of centres, as well as to more traditional Researcher Projects. The programme will also set aside resources dedicated to expanding dialogue and interaction between researchers and users in this field of knowledge.