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A French-Norwegian marine seminar was held in Bergen, June 25-26,2013. The seminar was devoted to biosensors, physical sensors, sustainable harvest - seafood safety and processing technology.

The French-Norwegian Foundation for Science and Industrial Development (FNS), in cooperation with relevant institutions from both countries, organized a bilateral seminar focusing on the following thematic axes:

- Sensors in marine environment: biological sensors, physical sensors
- Sustainable harvest, seafood safety and processing technology

Objectives of the seminar:
Foto: Gérard Momplot (Photo: Gérard Momplot)

- Strengthen the French-Norwegian network in this domain,
- Identification of new R&D axes to consider in the perspective of HORIZON2020,
- Identification of potential cooperation projects, bilateral or with other European partners.

More than 50 participants from laboratories, companies, research institutes and funding agencies from the two countries attended the seminar. 



00 Merethe Flatseth IMR PDF - 3,5 MB  

01 Henrik Søiland IMR PDF - 2,9 MB   
02 Denis Tregoat Photonics Bretagne PDF - 1,4 MB  
03 Bertrand Vergne Hocer PDF - 2,0 MB  
04 Geir Pedersen CMR PDF - 1,6 MB  
05 Emilie Dorgeville Aanderaa Data Instruments AS PDF - 5,7 MB
06 Jardar Maatje Nortek AS PDF - 4,7 MB  
07 Margot Choquer SailingOne PDF - 2,0 MB  
08 Svein Østerhus Uni Research AS PDF - 3,1 MB  
09 Emanuele Reggiani NIVA PDF - 964 KB

01 Laurent Delauney, IFREMER PDF - 2,4 MB  

02 Lucia Di Orio, IUEM PDF - 3,8 MB  
03 Thierry Baussant IRIS PDF - 3,3 MB  
04 Jean-Charles Massabuau, Universite Bordeaux 1 PDF - 2,6 MB  
05 Claude Durrieu, ENTPE and Thierry Baussant, IRIS PDF - 578 KB  
06 Biota Tools (presentation will soon be available) 
07 Sebastien Chevalier, Universite Paul Sabatier PDF - 1,8 MB  
08 Eirik Sønneland, Biota Guard AS PDF - 1,4 MB  
09 Lionel Camus, Akvaplan NIVA AS PDF - 7,3 MB  

10 Randi Basmadjian, FFN - RCN Funding possibilities PDF - 306 KB   

01 John Willy Valdemarsen IMR PDF - 0 KB   
02 Vivian Husa IMR PDF - 4,3 MB  
03 Yvon Morizur Pole Mer Bretagne PDF - 588 KB  
04 Martial Laurans, IFREMER (presentation will soon be available)  
05 Jean Roullot Le Drezen PDF - 4,8 MB   
06 Djamel Drider Universite de Lille PDF - 564 KB

07 Anne-Katrine Lundebye Haldorsen NIFES PDF - 2,8 MB   

08 Ronan Cariou LABERCA PDF - 4,9 MB

09 Bjørn Tore Rotabakk NOFIMA PDF - 2,5 MB   
10 Hanne Digre SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture PDF - 6,1 MB  
11 Jean-Pascal Berge IFREMER PDF - 1,1 MB

Scientific committee
Erlend Moksness, Institute of Marine Research (Norway)
Jan Erik Stiansen, Institute of Marine Research (Norway)
Dominique Durand, IRIS (Norway)
Thierry Baussant, IRIS (Norway)
Marie-Marguerite Bourbigot, Pôle Mer (France)
Yves-Marie Paulet, Groupe Mer, Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer (France)