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About The French Norwegian Foundation

The French Norwegian Foundation promotes long-lasting French/Norwegian cooperation through the financing of joint R&D projects in which both industry and research institutes/universities are involved with the aim of creating cooperation lasting beyond the project-period.

SMEs are prioritised. The Foundation organises workshops and seminars with the purpose of creating new projects in prioritised areas in cooperation with interested parties.

Project funding in Norway
Norwegian participants receive grants directly from the Foundation. Grants to Norwegian participants can be up to 50.000 € per year, or 150.000 € in total for two/three years. The Foundation can cover up to 50 per cent of the project costs.

Project funding in France
No funding can be obtained directly from the Foundation in France. A French applicant involved in a proposal has to apply for public funding to relevant agencies, such as Bpifrance, Agence Nationale pour la Recherche (ANR), ADEME, or specific public funding organisms. The French secretariat will assist the applicants in identifying such funding. Grants to French partners are in general about the same size as the Norwegian grants from the Foundation.



  • Promoting long-lasting French/Norwegian co-operation through joint R&D projects.

Main objectives of the FNS/FFN Foundation

  • Support joint R & D projects where French and Norwegian industrial firms are main partners
  • R & D projects have to lead to processes and products with industrial applications
  • Connect French and Norwegian industry partners
  • Organise workshops and seminars
  • Promote cooperation between French and Norwegian researchers and industrialists

Research priorities

  • aquaculture and food industry
  • biotechnology and biomedical industry
  • informatics and information technology
  • environmental technologies and energy
  • marine science and technology
  • material science and technology
  • oil and gas exploration and production
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