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Invitation of researchers between France and Norway

In order to facilitate new contacts between researchers in France and in Norway, the Åsgard-program was established in 2006. The program targets young researchers. Selected candidates are invited for a short stay in the other country, allowing them to meet experts within their field of competence, visit research institutions and give lectures. The program is coordinated by the Scientific Service at the French Embassy in Oslo and by the French-Norwegian Foundation.

Objective of the Åsgard-program:
• Promote exchange of competence and specialists between France and Norway
• Promote the establishment of common research and development projects
• Contribute to expand scientific networks between the two countries

Åsgard in a nutshell

Conditions for applying:
1) The program targets researchers between 35 and 45 years old, whose scientific work is internationally recognized
2) Priority is given to the following research fields:
• aquaculture and food industry
• biotechnology and biomedical industry
• informatics and information technology
• environmental technologies and energy
• marine science and technology
• material science and technology
• oil and gas exploration and production

Norwegian applicants
Norwegian specialists wanting to visit France can apply for support by writing a letter to the Norwegian Secretariat of the Foundation. A CV and a visiting program have to be joined. There is no deadline for submitting an application. Five stays will be granted during the year. Candidates can receive up to 15.000 NOK to cover travel and hosting expenses during their stay in France. The Foundation, in cooperation with the Embassies in the two countries, can assist the candidates in preparing a visiting program.

French applicants
French specialists wanting to visit Norway have to submit an application to the French Embassy in Norway.  Deadline: December 15th every year. Selected candidates are invited to spend one week in Norway. An individual visiting program is made for each candidate.

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