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Application information

This section contains practical information about applying to the Finance Market Fund for research funding, the processing of applications, requirements and guidelines for applicants etc. Please refer to the Norwegian webpage for futher details.


In 2017, the deadline for submission of applications for research funding will be May 24. In 2017, Finansmarkedsfondet (the Finance Market Fund) will have February 15 and September 6 as deadlines for submission of applications for public awareness (outreach) projects. Grant applications may be submitted until 13:00 a.m. of the deadline date.

Application announcements

Funding announcements concerning research projects will be published on the website. Funding announcements concerning public awareness projects will be published on

Application forms
Research applications must be submitted via RCN's eSøknad electronic application submission service. The appropriate application form for public awareness projects can be downloaded from the Norwegian webpage (to be found under the banner "Søknadsinformasjon").

Available funds

In 2017, the Finance Market Fund will have approximately NOK 8,5 million available for research projects, and approximately NOK 8,5 million available for public awareness projects. Available funds will in part be reserved for on-going projects. 

Assessment criteria

Research proposals will be evaluated by an international expert panel.


For the February 15 deadline, the Finance Market Fund will decide on project funding by mid March, with feedback to applicants before April 1. For the May 24 and September 6 deadlines, applicants can expect feedback by late October.

Contact information
Please contact Senior Adviser Gro Marthinsen, email:, mobile phone: (+47) 95066234, for further information.



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