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ENERGIX awards half a billion NOK to new projects for environmentally friendly energy

The Research Council of Norways ENERGIX-programme awards 52 new R&D projects. 27 of which are led by industry actors, who also take part in 16 projects for building industry relevant competence in academia.

The 27 innovation projects for the industry are awarded a total of 179 million NOK, and the industry actors contribute an equal or even greater part.

In addition the 16 projects for building industry relevant competence in academia are awarded 171 million NOK from the Research Council of Norway. Industry actors will also fund 20 % of the total cost of these projects.

There has also been awarded 9 research projects with no demands for industry involvement this call, for a total of 94 million NOK. The Research Council also contributes 50 million NOK to the PILOT-E call and 30 million NOK for New energy Concepts (final projects are elected in February).

Further process

In the beginning of January, the formal letters are distributed to all applicants.

Although many are awarded the total sum they applied for, many are also awarded a reduced amount. We will inform the applicants of this as soon as possible.

Here is the list of the awarded projects (in Norwegian)

Forskerprosjekter (FP):

Nummer Tittel Institusjon
280831 Diamond sawing and surface treatment of high performance multicrystalline silicon wafers for high efficiency solar cell applications NTNU
280846 Bio Fischer-Tropsch - Staging and Multiple Hydrogen Feed of Biomass to Fischer-Tropsch Fuel Synthesis NTNU
280868 Surface protonics for oxide-based electrochemical energy devices SINTEF
280885 Silicon alloys for improved lithium-ion batteries IFE
280892 FLASH-Predicting the FLow behavior of ASH mixtures for production of transport biofuels in the circular economy NSN
280902 WINDPLAN: Public participation in wind power: challenges and opportunities UiA
280903 State-of the-art (near-) Ambient Pressure Photoelectron Spectroscopy for Catalysis NTNU
280909 LeTID in multicrystalline PERC cells IFE
280910 High energy cathodes for Li ion batteries SINTEF


Kompetanseprosjekter for næringslivet (KPN):

Nummer Tittel Institusjon
280949 Waste-to-Energy 2030 SINTEF ENERGI
280952 Bird-friendly design of power lines NINA
280956 Energy upgrading of wooden dwellings to nearly zero energy level SINTEF
280960 Reform of EU Internal Energy Market Policies: Implications for the Norwegian Energy Policy Strategy FNI
280964 Safe Hydrogen Fuel Handling and Use for Efficient Implementation SINTEF
280967 SynchroPhasor-based Automatic Real-time Control SINTEF ENERGI
280968 Reduced CO2 emissions in metal production SINTEF MK
280985 Silicon on the road - how to make silicon-based anodes for Li-ion batteries IFE
280987 Developing the Norwegian Energy System in the European Energy Transition NMBU
280989 Integrated Transport and Energy Modelling IFE
280994 Low-temperature thermal grids with surplus heat utilization SINTEF ENERGI
281000 RockStore - develop, demonstrate and monitor the next generation BTES systems CMR
281002 Transition towards zero emission ports SINTEF TS
281005 Safety and modelling of aged Li-ion Batteries IFE
281018 Remote Inspection of Wooden Utility Poles TEKNOVA AS
281020 Engineering speed modelling of realistic fatigue for all the individual turbines in wind parks by representative pre-calculations IFE


Innovasjonsprosjekter i næringslivet (IPN):

Nummer Tittel Institusjon
282123 Utslippsfri energi: Utvikling av effektiv tofase varmepumpe for industriell dampproduksjon Tocircle Power Systems
282129 St4Fuel - Damp bioraffinering for produksjon av avansert bioetanoldrivstoff Elkem Technology
282266 Cryogenic cooling canister for downhole tools Norwegian Well
282294 Environmentally friendly heating and cooling in trains Norske Tog
282298 Gassovervåkning av transformatorolje Tunable Infrared Technologies
282301 Solidification of Unseeded high-PERformance MULTIcrystalline silicon Elkem Solar As
282313 DOVRE Den Optimale Veien til Robuste Elektroder Cenate
282325 EMC i smarte nett PQA
282327 Nytt rammeverk for Grønnere naturinngrep og reduksjon av klimagassutslipp i Anleggsarbeid STATNETT
282328 LIBRES - Lithium ion Battery Recycling Hydro Aluminium
282341 Engineering Quartz Sand for Next Generation Solar Crucibles The Quartz Corp
282351 HVIT - Høyisolerende Vinduer og dører med Integrert Teknologi Røros Vinduer Og Dører
282357 Smart styring av næringsbygg med lokal strømproduksjon Esmart Systems
282364 Reduction of energy consumption and climate gas emissions in industrial textile laundry processes Nor Tekstil As
282367 Wide Frequency Range Damping Solutions for Offshore Wind Turbines Aibel
282372 AEOLUS - Novel combustion air supply regulation systems for increased robustness of wood stove operation and maximum thermal comfort Jøtul As Avd Fredrikstad
282387 Pressurised large scale hydrogen production by alkaline water Electrolysis (PE1000) Nel Hydrogen Electrolyser
282389 Nye superisolasjonsløsninger og -produkter for norske bygg Isola As
282390 Three-dimensional thermoelectric modules Tegma As
282392 Floating installation concept for offshore wind developments National Oilwell Varco No
282395 Machine Learning Models for the
Surveillance of Physical Power Markets
282400 Next Generation High Voltage Wet Designed Cables Nexans Norway
282401 BioSinter - Sintring av manganmalm med pyrolysert restråstoff fra papirproduksjon Norske Skog Skogn
282403 Ice monitoring, forecasting, mapping, prevention and removal toolbox STATNETT
282405 Solutions and strategies for operation and maintenance of utility-scale solar power plants Scatec Solar Asa
282408 Integrert tilstandsovervåkning av vannkraftanlegg Kongsberg Digital
282411 Intelligent beslutningsstøtteverktøy for bedre utnyttelse av fleksibilitet fra vannkraft Powel As


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