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Programme description

BIONÆR/BIONAER is the Research Programme on Sustainable Innovation in Food and Bio-based Industries. The programme will work user-oriented and in a continuous learning mode in order to solve challenges through financing research and innovation promoting the bioeconomy.

Objectives of the programme:

The scope of the BIONÆR programme encompasses:

  • agriculture, forestry and nature-based value chains;
  • seafood, from the time the raw materials are taken out of the sea until they reach the consumer.

Primary objective:

The BIONÆR programme will promote research and innovation that enhances value creation in Norway’s bio-based industries.

In keeping with this, the programme will:

  1. Strengthen and develop
  • knowledge and expertise in selected areas to promote sustainable bio-based industry in Norway;
  • research-based innovation in bio-based companies and bioresource management.
  1. Implement innovative work forms that involve players in the research community, trade and industry, the public administration and special interest organisations.
  2. Use coordination and dissemination activities to enhance the benefits of knowledge and expertise gained by the industry and public administration.
  3. Participate in international cooperation in order to strengthen knowledge-building and innovation in priority areas.