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The FORNY2020 programme

The Research Council of Norway’s programme on Commercialising R&D Results (FORNY2020) promotes innovation based on research results. The programme facilitates the commercialisation of results from projects conducted at publicly-funded research institutions and helps to bring the products and services to the market.

The FORNY2020 programme is designed to trigger the value-creating potential of projects conducted at publicly-funded research institutions. The programme provides funding to newly-established companies based on these projects as well as to Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) affiliated with the research institutions.

The programme seeks to:
• promote the establishment of new companies based on research results;
• generate growth in existing companies by providing funding to projects based on research results;
• enhance the professionalism and efficacy of the TTOs affiliated with universities, university colleges, hospitals and independent research institutes in their respective fields.

Utilisation of research
The FORNY2020 programme does not provide funding for research activity itself, but instead supports activities that lead to the utilisation of research results. Activities eligible for funding include:
• proof-of-concept and documentation that the research results can be put into practice;
• preparation of research results from publicly-funded institutions for commercialisation;
• development of research results with commercial potential into attractive investment objects.

Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs)
The FORNY2020 programme collaborates closely with seven TTOs. The TTOs are regionally based and affiliated with one or more research institutions. They cooperate closely with trade and industry throughout Norway.
A list of the TTOs is available here.

New direction as from 2012
The FORNY2020 programme is a continuation of the first FORNY programme, which was concluded in 2011. The main task of the former programme was to develop the TTOs.

Activities during the new programme period (2011-2020) will be primarily targeted towards cultivating the best business concepts generated at publicly-funded research institutions.

Beginning in 2012, the groups eligible to apply for funding have been expanded. In addition to TTOs with basic funding under the FORNY2020 programme, the following groups may also seek funding:
• newly-established microenterprises based on results and concepts generated at publicly-funded research institutions;
• other organisations that facilitate the commercialisation of results from publicly-funded research activities.

For more information about the FORNY2020 programme, please refer to the work programme (see front page).

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