Porteføljeanalysen for Global utvikling og internasjonale relasjoner

Definition of the portfolio

The portfolio for global development is characterised by research in the thematic areas of sustainable development and poverty reduction, global health challenges and international relations, foreign and security policy. It is crucial to understand the relationships between trends in the developed and the developing countries, and thus contribute to more sustainable economic and social development globally and to strengthen and safeguard Norway's security, freedom, economy and welfare in a world of great contradictions and where international cooperation is put under pressure.

The portfolio prioritises thematic research within the areas of development policy, global health policy, foreign policy and security policy. The following aspects are particularly emphasised:

  • Order and the International System
  • Security policy
  • Peace, conflict and development
  • Climate, environment and renewable energy
  • Global health
  • System of government, democracy and human rights

The disciplinary priorities are strongly related to the thematic priorities; mainly the social sciences and medicine and health sciences.

Changes in international politics and global development will profoundly influence and shape Norwegian politics, development and business opportunities and practices. The portfolio targets Norwegian research organisations, but the public sector, business and society at large must benefit from the research results. Research relevant for policy making and public administration, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, The Ministry of Health and Care Services and the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) is an important priority. Other ministries, public agencies, business and NGOs will also benefit from the research funded by the portfolio. The portfolio also prioritises research relevant for policy makers, the public sector and business in developing countries, and should aim at underpinning the national STI-priorities in partner countries. Global health research ought to be conducted in close cooperation with relevant local partners and the public health sector to secure relevance and benefits for the users.

The portfolio covers the entire value chain from basic research to innovation and piloting. However, the emphasis is on applied research. The priority application types in call for proposals are Researcher Projects and Collaborative and Knowledge-building Projects. There are also Coordination and Support Activities for minor projects like conferences, research schools and networks. In order to ensure future recruitment to the research field, applications for PhD positions as well as post-doctoral fellowships are normally included in the projects.

Within global health, research and innovation along the entire R&D-value chain can be funded, and interdisciplinary research that addresses the biggest global health challenges is particularly prioritized. Implementation research is key to the effective deployment and scaling-up of efficacious health interventions and will also be prioritized.