Porteføljeanalysen for Global utvikling og internasjonale relasjoner

Alternative options

The Covid-19 pandemics calls for a better understanding of how it will affect countries and regions and how this in turn will influence development, international relations, globalisation and geopolitics. The role and standing of international organisations may also be changed due to the effects from the pandemics.

There is a need to ensure the continuation of a research effort on global health and vaccination, both to secure Norwegian research competence in these areas, but also to underpin Norwegian development policy on this point. A continued national effort in this area is also a prerequisite for Norwegian researchers to participate in international research collaboration under CEPI, EDCTP etc.

We need a better understanding of how international events and trends affect Norway and make us vulnerable in terms of health, welfare, legal conditions, economy and national security. The centre of gravity of the economy and power in the world is shifting, and so is the relationship between countries and regions. In vulnerable areas, social unrest, conflicts and poor living conditions lead to increased migration, which challenges international cohesion as well as national welfare systems. The development of technology leads to new and larger threats. Thus, there is a need to strengthen multidisciplinary research on foreign and security policy, strengthen international research cooperation and link knowledge of national and international affairs. In addition to the present portfolio's emphasis on Europe, Russia and China, there is a need to secure funds for research on cross-cutting perspectives across countries and regions, i.e. in connection to international organisations etc. and to allow for research on countries and regions that are not prioritised, like the Middle-East and North-America.