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NOK 40 million to joint Indian - Norwegian researcher projects on ICT

Following up the Bilateral agreement of Science and Technology between India and Norway, the Department of Science and Technology (DST) in India and the Research Council of Norway issue a joint call for proposals for collaborative research projects within the field of ICT.

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06.09.2017 13:00 CEST


The INDNOR and IKTPLUSS programmes are collaborating on this call for proposals. Project proposals that include Indian partners and address the stipulated research challenges in this call are eligible for funding. This call applies to the Norwegian part of cooperation projects.

Grant applications are to be submitted via this IKTPLUSS call.



Antatt tilgjengelige midler:

A budget of up to NOK 40 million in total will be available from the Research Council of Norway (RCN) for allocations to the Norwegian part of the projects, and an activity matching funding is available from the Department of Science and Technology (DST) to the Indian part of the projects. The total budget from the Department of Science and Technology will cover activity matching funding and in-kind contributions for a mutually agreed number of projects.

Project duration: 3 years.

Funding per project (norwegian partners): 4 – 10 mill. NOK per project.

Føringer og viktige forhold for alle søknadstyper i utlysningen:

Objective of this call for proposals:
The objective of this call is to establish joint Indian – Norwegian researcher projects that strengthen already on-going research activities in each research group and contribute significant added value to these on-going activities within ICT and the thematic areas:

Smart environments. This area includes topics like environmental monitoring, smart neighborhoods, sensor networks/IoT, smart grid, monitoring for safe living, mobility and wireless infrastructure. Artificial intelligence, autonomous and cognitive systems.

ICT for society. This area includes topics like educational ICT, ICT for improved e-Governance, human-computer interfaces with particular emphasis on elderly, disabled and illiterate citizens, and cybersecurity, privacy and vulnerability for individual citizens and society at large.
NB! ICT for health and medicine is not a priority in this call.

This research activity must intend to move the research front within ICT and the thematic areas listed, promote essential competence-building and create new opportunities in the short and long term for the participants, potential industry and society at large.

The research projects should benefit long-term cooperation between the partners and the two countries. (One of the main objectives of the call is to promote collaboration and to build long-term partnerships between Indian and Norwegian scientists.)

The projects must adhere to principles of responsible research and innovation (RRI) and be based on ethical, cultural, health-oriented and environmental perspectives to the benefit of society and the individual.

Who can apply, roles and partners

Norwegian research institutions: universities, university colleges and research institutes are eligible to apply. This call is for researcher projects within the field of ICT and acknowledged research institutions within ICT (in a broad definition) are expected to be main applicant.  

Joint proposals must be developed in cooperation between Principal Investigators (PIs) representing a research institution in Norway and a research institution in India.

Finding partners, travel support is available

If you and/or your research institution are involved in ongoing collaboration with Indian research institution within ICT, this call is an opportunity to strengthen this collaboration. If you are searching for new partners, a good starting point is to contact participants at the Indo-Norwegian ICT workshop held on June 21 – 22, 2016 at IIIT Hyderabad, India.  Last ned PDF - 155 KB .

If you have concrete plans for travels that will help finding partners and developing good partnerships relevant for this call, you can apply for travel support in a separate IKTPLUSS call. See the call Travel support for partner-search and establishing project proposals for the joint Indian – Norwegian ICT-call, 6 September 2017.

Prerequisites for funding
Each proposal shall have one Norwegian and one Indian Principal Investigator (PI). Norwegian PIs must submit the proposal to the RCN. Indian PIs must submit the proposal to the DST (Department of Science and Technology, India). The proposals should be identified with a common short name/acronym, and a joint (common) project description should be enclosed. The proposals submitted to the respective funding agencies must be identical.

Joint application requirements for the Indo-Norwegian call that shall be described in the application:

  • Relevance for the India-Norway Collaborative Research Program and the research areas shall be stipulated
  • Planned activities according to a timeline, and organised into well-defined work packages with corresponding responsibility
  • Milestones that can be used to easily follow the progress of the project
  • Budget with detailed and clearly represented  information per partner, including in-kind and financial contributions by each partner.
  • Management structure and partner roles/responsibilities.
  • Research methodology as well as technology transfer, if appropriate.
  • Impact the results of the project will have for the users, the research field and society at large.
  • Capacities for implementing research findings in practice.
  • Communication plan that describes concrete measures and activities targeted towards various user groups.
  • Activities for dissemination and communication of research results to key decision-makers, the public administration and the public at large.

Proposals for funding from the DST must be submitted according to the rules and regulations of the DST.