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Support for events

The GLOBVAC Programme wants to facilitate the efforts of Norwegian research institutions/companies to organise, host or participate in national or international conferences (workshops, seminars).

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13.02.2013 13:00 CET



Antatt tilgjengelige midler:

Approximately NOK 1 million is available for this call. The contribution from the Research Council of Norway will cover a maximum of NOK 300 000 per event.

Føringer og viktige forhold for alle søknadstyper i utlysningen:

Before filling out an application, please note that both general requirements for support for events, as well as special requirements for this particular announcement, must be fulfilled. For general requirements, please see link

For special requirements, please note that the following apply to this announcement:
Eligible applicants are Norwegian research institutions or companies with ongoing research activities in one or more of the four thematic areas of the GLOBVAC programme 2012-2020: i) Vaccine and vaccination research, ii) Health systems and health policy research; iii) Innovation in technology and methods development; and iii) Implementation research. Please note that applications need not be linked to ongoing or previously funded projects under the Programme.

Eligible events are national or international conferences, workshops or seminars held either in Norway or internationally in 2013 (earliest permitted start date 01.05.13), with emphasis on one or more of the four thematic areas of the GLOBVAC Programme as listed above.

The invitation of international researchers is mandatory.

The objectives of the event should be clearly defined. Successful applications should be able to substantiate process and outputs such as (but not limited to):

  • Developing/preparing new research proposals with international collaboration
  • Developing individual, institutional research capacity and networks
  • Developing new research consortia
  • Dissemination of research activities and results to relevant stakeholders, e.g. policy makers

Where appropriate the event might be organized as a side event or session at a larger conference.

The project description is not to exceed five pages. The following must be described in the application form or in the project description:

  • Scientific justification for the event;
  • Specification of the planned results, including delineation of the expected activity(ies) (e.g. conduct a side meeting), outputs (e.g. established network) and outcome (e.g. the network will lead to X number of research institutions having access to each other, drawing on each others’ expertise and leading to capacity building);
  • Preliminary programme (can be attached);
  • Detailed plan for communicating information from the event;
  • Target groups and estimated number of participants;
  • Specified budget (specifications can be attached).

Applications (application form, project description and attachments) must be submitted in English.

Only one application can be submitted per event. Co-financing is encouraged.

The Research Council of Norway shall be profiled by the use of the organisation’s logo on relevant event materials.

The organizers must themselves handle the invitation and selection of the participants who will be supported and to make all necessary arrangements for their travel.

The meeting/workshop/conference must be non-profit.

Documentation to be submitted to the RCN after the conference/workshop/seminar:

A limited-version final report including:

  • a list of stakeholders that were supported, their resumes and selection criteria;
  • a summary of the event, the contribution of the supported participants, lessons learned from the conference/workshop/seminar, the recommendations for follow up, any areas of potential interest for the RCN (such as new research perspectives), and how information from the meeting or conference is being disseminated.

A copy of the final programme
The list of participants in the conference/workshop/seminar
A popular results/output summary of conference/workshop/seminar