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Funding for Luxembourg researchers in FRIPRO projects

The Norwegian Research Council (RCN) and Fonds National de la Recherche Luxembourg (FNR) have entered into a Lead Agency agreement that allows for funding of Luxembourg researchers in FRIPRO projects by FNR.

The purpose of the agreement is to foster Luxembourg – Norway collaboration in science and to fund joint research projects conducted by teams from both countries.

The cooperation does not represent a separate stream of funding, but enables joint proposals from Norway and Luxembourg to be submitted to the RCN FRIPRO scheme for independent basic research projects, in the project types Young Research Talents and Researcher Projects.

For projects funded by FRIPRO, with research collaborators in Luxembourg, FNR will cover the costs for these researchers. RCN will cover other project costs in accordance with FRIPRO rules and requirements.

How to apply

  • Joint proposals for collaborative projects must be led by a Norwegian research institution, and the Norwegian research institution must approve the application before it is submitted to FRIPRO.
  • Norwegian and Luxembourgian applicants must satisfy the eligibility criteria of RCN and FNR respectively.
  • Partners from Luxembourg must register with FNR prior to the FRIPRO deadline and provide FNR with a copy of the complete application documents submitted to FRIPRO by the Norwegian partner.
  • Applications must clearly differentiate the costs to be incurred by teams based in Norway and in Luxembourg. The funding from FNR must be registered as "own funding" in the application form. Budget sheet, budget justification and GANNT chart (according to FNR template) for the Luxembourgian partner, must be submitted as a separate attachment to the FRIPRO application.
  • All costs must be eligible according to the funding rules for the funding agency that will cover the costs.
  • The financing of the Luxembourgian part of an application may not exceed the funding of the Norwegian part.

Application review process

  • RCN will be responsible for the application review process of all received collaborative project applications.
  • If a Luxembourgian partner is considered ineligible according to FNR criteria, the application may be rejected by FRIPRO.
  • Panel assessment for proposals that are considered for funding by FRIPRO's granting committees will be made available to FNR prior to a funding decision. Applicants agree to this by submitting their application to FRIPRO.
  • FNR will make recommendations on funding of each application and inform RCN on any budgetary constraints before the final funding decision is made by RCN.

For projects that are awarded funding, the Norwegian partner must report on the entire project to RCN. The Luxembourgian partner must report on the entire project to FNR.

Please find the full Statement of Intent here PDF - 1,3 MB .

See more about the FRIPRO application review process here.