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Horisont 2020 - Konsortieavtalen

NTNU, Petroleumteknisk senter, rom P11
14.02.2019 09:00 CET
14.02.2019 15:30 CET
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Kurs i Trondheim: Dette kurset gjennomgår hva som inngår i en konsortieavtale for samarbeidsprosjekter i Horisont 2020. Du får også et innblikk i ulike kontraktsmodeller og maler.

Kurset gjennomgår også kontraktsmalen mellom Europakommisjonen og prosjektet (Model Grant Agreement), og hvilke krav den setter til konsortieavtalen.

Kurset arrangeres i samarbeid med Europa Media.

The course will provide the participants with a sound understanding of the options for the scope and content of consortium agreements that can effectively complement the Grant Agreement in Horizon 2020 projects. To fully understand what should be included into the Consortium Agreements and how, we will introduce the rights and obligations deriving from the Grant Agreement and discuss what other types of legal agreements may exist before signing the Consortium Agreement.

Workshop: How can the CA help in managing the project smoothly?

We will conduct a hands-on workshop on consortium agreements for H2020 projects, during which the participants will work in groups on different case studies to discuss how to draw up an effective Consortium Agreement. For this exercise, we will introduce different real-life scenarios with problematic and challenging situations in H2020 projects such as conflicts on IPR and exploitation issues, disagreements on dissemination and publications, delays and quality problems in reports and deliverables, risks on financial management, and
other budgetary problems. Under the moderation of a workshop leader, the participants will discuss and try to identify appropriate procedures, management structures, and specific clauses a Consortium Agreement shall include to effectively tackle such situations.

Training course outputs:

  • Get to know the options for formal and informal agreements between H2020 beneficiaries at the different stages of an H2020 project, starting from pre-proposal and proposal stage until Grant Agreement signature.
  • Understand default rights and obligations from the GA concerning financial issues, management of IPR, and dissemination exploitation of results
  • See options on addressing decision making procedures and management structures, financial and budgetary issues, risk management and conflict resolution mechanisms, and IPR and exploitation
  • issues in the Consortium Agreements. Compare model consortium agreements such as DESCA 2020, EUCAR and MCARD-2020 as well as other support structures.

Prerequisite: none

​Language: ​English

Programme PDF - 246 KB


​Course Fee:​ None, but a fee of NOK 1000,- will be charged for no-show.