Project changes as a result of the coronavirus situation

The Research Council has updated its measures relating to the coronavirus situation. The measures apply from and including 25 January 2021.

Coronavirus-related delays and project extensions

If you anticipate delays in the project, we ask you to submit a change notification of the necessary changes via ‘My RCN Web’ and draw up a revised project plan. We will follow the normal procedures and guidelines for extending a project period.

For projects that include foreign partners, we will make a special assessment if the activities linked to the foreign partners cannot go ahead as planned. 

This means that we can allow some delays in the project activities, but all activities should not be put on hold. We will be restrictive about ‘shelving’ projects. 

Projects that are not feasible

If the project cannot be carried out, you must report this as soon as you become aware of the situation.

We cover actual costs until the time it is concluded that the project cannot continue.

Increase or redistribution of project costs

The allocation to the project will not be increased even if the project costs increase due to the coronavirus situation.

We can change the distribution of costs over time and between parties for a limited period of time. All changes that affect project costs or the distribution of costs between the Project Owner and partners must be reported via My RCN Web, and we will assess each individual case.

If it is not possible to carry out the project activities planned in the present year, we encourage you to postpone the activities to another year. We will be able to move parts of the allocation for the present year to 2022 or subsequent years. This must be applied for in the form of a project change notification as soon as the Project Owner has an overview of the situation.

Change in own financing

For projects that start up as a result of an application submitted in 2021, we will no longer accept reduced own financing without the Research Council’s funding being changed correspondingly.

Changes to the cash financing will not be approved.

Reallocation of awarded project funding 

Funding cannot be reallocated on grounds of the coronavirus situation. 

If any activities such as trips, events and other stays abroad have been cancelled because of unforeseen incidents, the funding that was earmarked for these activities may only be reallocated to activities that cover the same purpose as the cancelled activities, and detailed grounds must be provided.  

The funding cannot be used to expand the project with other activities or positions.  

Unused disbursed funding that has not been approved for reallocation must be repaid or the budget must be adjusted.  

Exchange rates

Despite fluctuating exchange rates, the exchange rate that applied on submission of the revised application applies to the project period.

Research fellows 

The Research Council wants to help ensure that research fellows who participate in project activities funded by the Research Council are able to complete their PhD/post-doctoral projects. No financial compensation will be granted if the research fellowship period is extended.

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