UPDATED - Travel restrictions to Norway and Svalbard

In short, travelling to Svalbard still requires quarantine for foreigners. You must be either Norwegian, a permanent resident, or travelling for work (research) from mainland Norway to get up here in the current situation.

SSF has received a lot of questions regarding travel to Svalbard. Here is a summary of the travel restrictions to Norway and Svalbard in effect updated with the last information from 15.5.2020 (only valid for people who are symptom free and not in quarantine or isolation).

Abroad to mainland Norway: Only entrance for Norwegian citizens, permanent residents, critical personnel and people employed in Norway. 10 days in quarantine on the mainland on arrival, at home or another suitable place. It's not possible to travel directly from outside Norway to Svalbard.

Travellers must assume that Norway’s prohibitions against entering the country will remain in effect until 20 August, but the Government will consider whether additional exemptions may be possible. By 15 June, consideration will be given to permitting leisure travellers from the Nordic countries to enter. By 20 July, permitting such entry from other nearby European countries will also be considered.

Mainland Norway to Svalbard: The home quarantine has been repealed for permanent residents and their immediate family members on the mainland who come to visit, as well as people with a work assignment (such as research) in Svalbard. From 1. June Svalbard is also open for tourists coming from mainland Norway.

Svalbard to Ny-Ålesund: No restrictions if you can travel to Longyearbyen, but everyone must contact the Kings Bay before traveling to Ny-Ålesund.



We hope to see you all up here soon, but for now stay home and stay safe!