Notice of start of work on management and protection plans for central-Spitsbergen

The Governor of Svalbard recently sent out the Notification of the start-up process to create a management plan for Central-Spitsbergen, expansion of Nordenskiöld Land National Park and assessment of potential protection of Nedre Adventdalen and asks for input to the process.

The deadline on 15 October is to comment on the notification and to give input to the process on the following issues:

-         Business and user interests and use of the areas today

-         Needs and plans for use of the areas in the future

-         Problems/challenges that should be highlighted

-         Delimitation of the areas. Note that Figure 1,2 and 3 in the map indicate the geographical areas of investigation ("utredningsområde"). The areas for the management plan, the area for the National Park and the area for protection will be decided during the process and may be smaller.  


After this first hearing, three working groups will be established, including one for research and education. It is proposed that the group on research and education will be led by SSF. The workplan and milestones are indicated on page 23 in the notification document.


Please find the notification and documents at the Govenor of Svalbard's website here
(in Norwegian only).

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