AFG2020 Allocations

Congratulations! The results of the Arctic Field Grant (AFG) allocations for 2020 are out!

74 applications were evaluated by a panel composed of in-house staff plus external experts with extensive experience from Svalbard. The final decision regarding funding was taken by the Research Council of Norway. 43 applications (58%) have been completely or partly funded to a total sum of 2.481 million NOK.

See list of AFG2020 allocations here.

The overall quality of the applications was high, and the priorities listed in the call were used to rank the applications. There were many good applications we are sorry that we could not fund.

If your project has been partly funded, you will receive detailed information in January. Most reductions are minor and due to errors in the budget or requests for things the AFG does not fund (lab work, more than one field assistant, consumables exceeding 5000kr etc.). Contracts and rejection letters will be sent out before 1st of February 2020.
As stated in the call no individual feedback or grades will be given to the applicants. Overall the main reasons for applications not receiving top grades were the quality of the dissemination plan and the project description, missing information in the application, and for applicants from non-Norwegian institutions, the description of cooperation and benefits.


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