8 side meetings funded

The SSF is very happy to announce the results of the call for funding for side meetings in connection with Svalbard Science Conference 2019.

We received a total of 10 applications asking for 936.000 NOK. We had 800.000 NOK available and were able to fund 8 meetings to total sum of 770.000 NOK. All project responsibles will receive a mail this week with the details.

All side meetings will be held prior or right after the Svalbard Science Conference that will be held at Scandic Fornebu, Oslo 5.-6. November. 

If you are interested in more information about side meetings or possible participation, please contact the SSF on SSF@rcn.no and we will put you in contact with the relevant person.

And remember to sign up and submit your abstracts for the conference: www.nfr.no/svalbardscienceconference

The following side meeting were funded:

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