Evaluations of own instruments and research centres

The Research Council initiates evaluations of its own research programmes, initiatives and portfolios, as well of its research centres.

The Research Council conducts evaluations both of specific activities (such as a research programme) and of instruments at a more general level (for example, of all industry-oriented initiatives).

Evaluation of funding instruments may entail a review of an initiative’s scientific content, target achievement, results and impact or whether it is organised in a manner that will achieve the objectives. The Research Council distinguishes between process, outcome and impact evaluations , depending on the purpose of the evaluation.

In addition, the Research Council conducts evaluations of the centres under its own centre schemes and of other research centres. Midterm evaluations of centres under the centre schemes provide useful insights for the centres and are used by the Council to determine whether a centre should receive further funding.

Evaluation of Report delivered  Contact person

Midterm Evaluation of the
Nansen Legacy project (pdf)

Information about the evaluation

2021 Christine Daae Olseng
Evaluation of National investment in research infrastructure (INFRASTRUCTURE) (pdf) 2021 Herman Farbrot
Evaluation of KLIMAFORSK (pdf) 2021 Lena Cappelen Endresen
Midway Evaluation of Centres for
Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME) (pdf)
2021 Tone Ibenholt
Introduction and application of intervention logic at The Research Council of Norway  (pdf) 2020 Eirin Isaksen Winsnes
Kapasitetsløft-prosjekter (FORREGION) (pdf, in Norwegian) 2020 Kai Mjøsund
Follow-up evaluation of FORKOMMUNE (pdf, in Norwegian) 2017-2020 Marte-Eline Stryken
Midterm evaluation of
FORINNPOL centres 2020 (pdf)
2020 Svein Olav Nås
Midterm assessment of the second phase of
the Centers for Public Economics (SKATT) (pdf)
2020 Helge Rynning
Resultat- og effektmåling av innovasjonsprosjekter i næringslivet 2020 (pdf, in Norwegian) 2020 Svein Olav Nås
Mid-term evaluation of research schools (pdf) 2020 Berit Hyllseth
Evaluation of the Norwegian
Centres of Excellence (SFF)
Funding Scheme
2020 Åshild Vik
FORREGION (pdfs. in Norwegian) 

2019 og 2020

Kai Mjøsund

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