Publishing of application results

This is an overview of when we plan to publish the application results of many of our major calls for proposals.

Application results will be published under the call you applied for. To get notified when the results are published, subscribe to our newsletter.

In addition to announcing the projects allocated funding, we will also send a letter via "My RCN Web". The letters will be sent on a continuous basis.

Please note that companies that are Project managers or partners must familiarize themselves with the regulations on inside information.

Current allocations

Innovation Project for the Industrial Sector 2022 with open-ended application deadline

We publish the allocations as the results for each topic are ready. You will find a list of all the projects that have been allocated funding in the application results for the call.

Published allocations: 

  • Maritime industries
  • Fisheries and other marine industries including processing of harvested seafood
  • Innovation in the aquaculture industry
  • Nanotechnology, microtechnology and advanced materials 
  • Technological convergence
  • Environmental-friendly energy and low emissions 
  • Petroleum
  • Industrial and Service Industries

Other calls for proposals

Click on the call to view published application results.

Week 49 (published):

January: Pilot-E: Fleksibilitet i kraftsystemet og fossilfri høytemperatur varme i industrien (in Norwegian only)

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