International Arctic Science Committee - Call for nominations

The Research Council of Norway is seeking new candidates to serve in the Working Groups marine, cryosphere and social and human of the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) from January 2021, and a new candidate in the atmosphere Working Group from January 2022.

Isflak på vann - sommerlandskap på Svalbard
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We are seeking nominations for candidates from Norwegian research institutions that are actively performing Arctic research, and with a high level of involvement. Self-nominations are also welcome and encouraged.

Four new Norwegian Working Group members

Four of the current Norwegian working group members have terms ending this or next year. The Research Council of Norway (RCN) is seeking nominations for one candidate each to the Cryosphere, the Marine, and the Social and Human working groups from January 2021, and one candidate for the atmosphere working group from January 2022.

Submit your nomination

The national representatives to the IASC working groups are experts within their field, and from different scientific disciplines to cover the full range of Arctic research.

Please submit your nominations in this form by 15 October 2020

Selection process

The final Norwegian representatives to the IASC working groups will be chosen by RCN through the Portfolio board for climate and polar research. In the selection, emphasis will primarily be placed on the required expertise in the respective working groups, as well as gender, age, institution, geography and indigenous representation.

The working group-representatives will be selected in mid-December and will be nominated for a four-year term starting 1 January 2021 for the cryosphere, marine, and the sosial and human working groups, and from 1 January 2022 for the atmosphere working group. All nominations with the possibility of a second four-year term.

About the Working Groups

The representatives should actively attend meetings in their working group, normally one annual meeting in connection with the Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW), participate actively in working group digital communications and meetings, and establish an informal science-led network within the working groups field. The representative shall write a short summary report to RCN from the meetings. RCN will arrange one annual national coordination meeting (usually in connection with the ASSW). The Research Council covers travel and hotel expenses when attending the working group meetings.

The candidates to the working groups should represent the spread in the scientific foci of the respective working group.



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