It will now be simpler to co-fund research projects with the Netherlands

The Research Council of Norway and our Dutch sister organisation NWO have signed an agreement to simplify the funding of international research proposals. From 1 July onwards, Dutch researchers will be able to include Norwegian research communities in their applications to NWO.

John-Arne Røttingen signerer samarbeidsavtale med administrerende direktør for NWO
The agreement between the Research Council of Norway and NWO was signed 11 January in The Hague by the Chief Executives of the two organisations. (Photo: Gerber van Erven)

Such bilateral agreements are related to the Money Follows Cooperation scheme, which assumes reciprocity. Norwegian researchers in a Norwegian-Dutch consortium will therefore also be able submit proposals to NWO together with the Dutch project manager. If the proposal is awarded funding, NWO will also fund the Norwegian researchers in the consortium. The same applies to Dutch researchers who submit research proposals to the Research Council together with a Norwegian project manager.

‘This is a historic cooperation agreement that gives Norwegian researchers easy access to research funding outside the Norwegian borders,’ says Chief Executive of the Research Council John-Arne Røttingen. The Research Council is working on establishing similar agreements with other European countries. ‘Such collaboration agreements help to strengthen Norwegian research communities because they allow them to cooperate with the best researchers in Europe,’ says Røttingen.

Last year, the Research Council signed a similar agreement with Switzerland.

About Money Follows Cooperation

Science transcends national boundaries, whereas the use of research funds is frequently bound to national borders. Complying with the principle that forms the basis for Money Follows Cooperation will remove these boundaries and facilitate bottom-up international collaboration.