Provide progress report and final report INFRASTRUKTUR

Once you have received funding from INFRASTRUCTURE, you must report both during the establishment of your project and for a period after the infrastructure has been started. You must report as long as the project is under contract with the Research Council of Norway.

Delivery and processing of progress report

You must submit a progress report on 1 March each year, and the first time in the year after your start-up. In the contract you will find information about the points to report on.

The Project Owner is responsible for obtaining and delivering the necessary information from any partners.

We must process and approve the progress report and any notices of changes before we can disburse funding.

Delivery of the final report

When the project period is completed, you must submit a final report. Here you must summarise what has been achieved during the project period and plans for further development and operation of the infrastructure.

The final report should normally be submitted one month after the end of the project. Projects that have an end date in the final months of the year will be prompted to submit a final report the following February.

Reporting and deadlines on My RCN web

We will send information to anyone who will report by e-mail well in advance of the deadline. You post your progress and final reports on My RCN web. Reporting deadlines are on My RCN web and it is important that they are met.

All changes to the project must be reported on an ongoing basis and not wait until the progress report.

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