Rates for Funding of Research Fellowships

The table below shows the rates to be used when seeking funding for research fellowship positions in R&D projects.

The rate for 2022 is NOK 1,190,000 and for 2023 it is NOK 1,244,000. For projects with a duration of more than one year, an annual increase in the rate of 4 per cent should be budgeted for 2024. For the following years, an annual increase of 3 per cent should be used.

Research Council funding for research fellowship positions is awarded as a lump-sum allocation to the organisation responsible for employing the fellowship-holder. This funding is to help to cover salary, social security costs, indirect costs and general operating costs. The rates per person-year may be divided into 12 person-months or 1 628 person-hours.

The rates stipulated for funding may deviate from the costs that the organisation has calculated for the fellowship position in the budget.

  • Costs related to fellowships positions in the university and university college sector are to be calculated using the TDI full costing model. Please see the guidelines about the TDI model from Universities Norway (in Norwegian).
  • For health trusts, budget costs are to be calculated based on payroll costs, with additional overhead for social security costs and indirect expenses of relevance to the fellowship-holder’s activities in the project.
  • The institute sector may use approved hourly rates for R&D personnel to calculate the budget costs related to the fellowship position.

Any difference between the calculated costs for the fellowship position and the Research Council’s funding rates for these positions must be covered through own or other financing. This will be clarified in the individual call for proposals.

The rates do not apply for the following:

  • non-Norwegian doctoral and post-doctoral research fellows who are affiliated with a researcher project at a Norwegian organisation, but who will be carrying out their fellowship period at an organisation in their home country or another country.
  • cases where the research fellow receives funding directly from the Research Council, such as for Ph.D. fellowships at the European University Institute

It is also possible to apply to the Research Council for funding to cover:

  • other costs relating to the projects that the fellowship positions are affiliated with;
  • documented tuition costs for fellowship-holders taking part in programmes at universities outside Norway.

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