Webinar - ERC Synergy Grant (SyG) 2023

Target group:

Researchers and administrative support staff employed by research institutions in Norway


Live streaming, video recording will be available

10 Jun 2022 09:30 – 11:30

About the event

Take part in the information meeting on the ERC Synergy Grants 2023. We are glad to have the participation of Call Co-coordinator Giuliano Scalzi from the ERC Executive Agency. Professor and institute leader for the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience, Nobel laureate Edvard Moser will share his experiences from applying and executing the Synergy Grant "KiloNeurons".  

The ERC finances individual grants for Principal Investigators (PI) and their teams with groundbreaking ideas. However, sometimes a researcher wants to address a research problem so ambitious, that it cannot be dealt with by one PI alone. The Synergy Grants can be the solution. It is expected that apart from displaying scientific excellence, the project will yield an outstanding intrinsic synergetic effect. SyG is open to all disciplines and research fields, and to researchers at Starting, Consolidator and Advanced grant level of experience.   

More about the Synergy Grants

For the budgetary year of 2023, the ERC SyG has a tentative deadline already on 8. November 2022, with the call opening approx. 13. July 2022. Two to four Principal Investigators can join forces on a project. They can be based on the same or different institutions. One of the PIs can be based in an institution outside of the EU member states or the associated countries. 

More information about the Synergy Grants can be found on the ERC web site.

When the call opens in July, you will be able to access the complete information package. You also find information about the other ERC grant types on the ERC web pages.   

The meeting will be held English. It is intended for researchers and administrative support staff employed by research institutions in Norway. The meeting will be recorded, and the recording will subsequently be made available at this web page. 

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