How to write an excellent ERC Starting Grant application

Target group:

Researchers and EU-advisers


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03 Jun 2022 09:30 – 14:30

About the event

Are you going to apply to the ERC Starting Grant (StG) in October 2022? 
The Research Council and the University of Oslo invites you to attend a course in how to write an application to the European Research Council, ERC. 

The course is also relevant if you plan to apply to the ERC Consolidator Grant (CoG) in February 2023 

  • The tentative ERC-2023-StG deadline is October 25th, 2022, and it is for researchers with 2 – 7 years of experience after PhD.  
  • The tentative ERC-2023-CoG deadline is February 2nd, 2023, and it is for researchers with 7-12 years of experience after PhD.  

You'll find information about StG og CoG on the ERC web  

Full information about the call, including guidance documents, will be published when the call opens. For the ERC-2023-StG call the opening is expected in mid-July, at the same time as the ERC Work Programme 2023 is published. You will also find information about the other ERC grants on their web.  

The course is held in English. It is only for researchers and advisors employed at Norwegian institutions. The course will not be recorded.  


Mette Skraastad

PhDDr. Mette Skraastad has extensive experience in running ERC workshops and in pre-submission review of ERC Starting, Consolidator, Advanced and Synergy grants. Yellow Research has successfully trained candidates for writing ERC proposals since the 2008 call. Their knowledge and experience in pre-submission review of ERC proposals is an important aspect of their success in this training.

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Berit Sundby Avset

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Ann Kristin Sørli Halvorsen

    Universitetet i Oslo

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