Horisont Europa - Whitehat Proposal Development

Target group:

Researchers, SMEs, Industries, Project Coordinators



Registration deadline:

30 August


Live streaming

02 Sep 2022 10:00 – 15:00
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About the event

The Cluster 3 and Cluster 4 team at The Research Council of Norway invites you to participate in 1-day interactive workshop on proposal development for cybersecurity proposals under Horizon Europe. This workshop targets both experienced and newcomers in European research and innovation projects.

Target groups

Researchers, SMEs, Industries, Project Coordinators preparing proposals are welcome to join. We also welcome people who are preparing proposal for European Research and Innovation for Horizon Europe call under Cluster 3.

There will be a special focus on lessons learned from 2021 submission as preparation for proposals to be submitted November 2022. We kindly invite people that already participates on ongoing Horizon Europe projects and EC evaluators to share experiences.

Purpose and scope

To gain a detail understanding on cybersecurity topics through experience shared among participants. This is a hands-on proposal development workshop on topic of your own choice.

The workshop will help you understand topic text and develop the essential features of an EU project proposal. Depend on the stage of proposal development, it will be an opportunity for you to improve your work. The workshop and your participation focus on a topic of your own choice, picked from 2022 Cluster 3 call topics. The hands-on workshop will cover aspects like; lessons learned from 2021 call, the needs and drivers, idea, solution, impact, partners, and cross-cutting issues.


At the end of the workshop, participants will have a concrete example and better knowledge on how to understand a topic, common pitfalls, how a proposal is evaluated and build/evaluate an initial idea in the context of cybersecurity. Participants will be able to start driving a proposal concept and writing of a full proposal. The workshop will facilitate exchange of knowledge and insight from participants around developing step by step approach and plan for a complete proposal development.

Cost of participation: Free of cost participation. Travel and other subsistence costs needs to be covered by participants.

Langauge: English

Format and location: The format of the workshop is hybrid with nodes in different cities. We have now one in Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen, please let us know if you want to host a node. The idea behind nodes is to have group discussions. It is also possible to attend online. For details, see welcome e-mail or contact organisers.

See registration page for full programme and requirements for participants.


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