Developing Guidelines for Responsible International Cooperation Through the Lens of Equitable Research Partnerships


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21 Oct 2022 09:00 – 13:00
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Responsibility is a principle in the Panorama strategy. In a world in constant change, including heightened international tensions and growing awareness of national and institutional vulnerabilities has led to a need to develop guidelines for responsible international cooperation.

Against this backdrop, the Research Council of Norway together with the Directorate for Higher Education and Skills, has been commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Science to draw up guidelines for responsible international cooperation. The purpose of the guidelines is to contribute to the increased knowledge and awareness among Norwegian higher education and research institutions about opportunities, challenges and dilemmas related to international cooperation.

The Research Council of Norway hereby invites you to a seminar on equitable partnerships and how these values should form the basis for the work on guidelines for responsible international cooperation. The seminar will consist of introductory lectures from:

  • Professor and SOAS Director Adam Habib titled "Disrupting established models of international cooperation in Higher Education
  • Head of UKCDR Maggy Heinz who will present the newly launched good practice document: Four Approaches to Supporting Equitable Research Partnerships
  • Founder of the organization "Society for Participatory Research in Asia" Rajesh Tandon who will discuss the topic from the perspective of low- and middle-income countries.

Following the introductory lectures, two different events will be organized, a group discussion and a professionally moderated panel discussion.

Group discussion

Target group: Researchers

The basis for the group discussion will be the creation of a SWOT analysis aimed at the different nuances of equitable partnership. What strengths and weaknesses does this type of partnership entail, and what will be some of the future opportunities and threats to this type of collaboration? We want to invite researchers and other interested parties to actively participate in the discussion that will be moderated by members of the Portfolio Board for Global Development and International Relations.

Panel debate (will be recorded)

Target group: People working with research management/administrative support

The focus of the panel debate will be on how Norwegian institutions can emphasize equitable partnership within their international work and targets audience members who will work in accordance with the guidelines for responsible international cooperation in their daily work, primarily people working with research management/administrative support. The group debate will be recorded and published and can therefore be viewed after the seminar if you decide to participate in the group discussion. Building on their vast experience with international partnerships the following four panelists will participate in the debate:

  • Address Malata – Professor and Vice Chancellor at the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST)
  • Dan Banik – Professor at  the University of Oslo
  • John Harald Sande Lie – Senior Researcher at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI)
  • Bernadette Kumar – Special Adviser at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Prior to the meeting, a separate link with an associated password will be sent to those that register.

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