COVID-19: Research in the wake of the pandemic - Insight in medical research and economic consequences


24 March 2021 09:30 - 11:30

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About the event

The Research Council of Norway, in collaboration with Trond Mohn Foundation and Norwegian Cancer society, is happy to invite you to the second seminar of the series "COVID-19: Research in the wake of the pandemic: Insight in medical research and economic consequences". The event is digital.

The initiative aims to establish a platform where researchers engaged in the COVID-19 pandemic can interact and share best practices. We hope to foster scientific exchange, lowering the threshold for interdisciplinary cooperation and facilitating dialogue between researchers and the authorities. All projects funded under the emergency calls will be invited to give a presentation of their projects to other interested researchers, their teams and partners and a guest from the authorities.

The seminar will take place on the digital platform created for the event. More details about the platform and how to create a profile on the platform, will come after registration. On the platform attendees will have the chance to follow the plenary session in live streaming, attend the dedicated separate sessions and the possibility of one-to-one networking not only with the speakers but also with other attendees.

We hope to have a big audience of engaged researchers and look forward to welcoming you at our next seminar.


Guest: Espen Rostrup Nakstad, Assistant Director (Norwegian Directorate for Health)

Plenary session



Parallele sessions

  • Session 1: Ludvig Munthe, Kristin Høfso and Rebecca Cox
  • Session 2: Per Olav Skjervold and Cathrine Hadley
  • Session 3: Lasse Lien, Erling Barth and Simen Markussen

A: Medical research

B: Innovation Project Involving Public-Private Collaboration (BIA-X)

C: Economical consequences

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Oddveig Åsheim

    Trond Mohn stiftelse

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