15 Oct

Virtual Workshop on CO2 infrastructure and industrial clusters


15 October 2020 14:00 - 17:20

Type of event:

Digital Event

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About the event

The webinar is jointly organised by

  • The Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF)
  • Gassnova, IEAGHG
  • Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI)
  • The Research Council of Norway

The background for the workshop:
CO2 shared transport and storage infrastructures for CO2 collected from industrial emitters located in clusters will be essential to cost and risk reductions.

The webinar will take place one week after the announcement of the Norwegian state budget that include status for the funding of the Full-Scale Project. It will include status for the Full-Scale Project and also include presentations of several other European planned infrastructure networks and industrial hubs for CO2, as well as of an operative network – the Alberta Carbon Trunk Line.

The webinar will have two sessions, each with 4 speakers, with Trude Sundset, CEO Gassnova, as moderator.
The sessions are:

14:00 Welcome, introduction and meeting instructions

14:15 Session 1 - Europe’s CO2 transport and storage infrastructure – commercial and legal aspects

  • Northern Lights – Kjetil Wilhelmsen, Northern Lights  CCS (Equinor Shell, Total)
  • Net Zero Teesside - Ian Hunter and Ben Tze Kek, BP
  • Porthos (CO2TransPorts) – Mark Driessen, Port of Rotterdam
  • Legal aspects, national and international - Catherine Lyster, Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy 

15:15 Panel with questions from audience (via Slido to the moderator)

15:45 Break (10 min)

15:55 Session 2 - CO2 sources in industrial hubs/clusters that feed the infrastructure w/CO2 – aspects of cooperation, e.g. shared facilities, etc.

  • Zero Carbon Humber – Karl Smyth, Drax
  • CO2 Hub Nordland - Jan Gabor, Mo Industripark AS
  • Alberta Carbon Trunk Line - Jeff Pearson, Wolf Carbon Solutions, Inc. and Blair Eddy, Enhance Energy

16:40 Panel with questions from audience (via Slido to the moderator)

17:10 Wrap-up

17:15 Adjourn


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