Getting Ready for Horizon Europe


9 May 2019 09:00 - 12:30


The Research Council of Norway, the Moser auditorium

Type of event:


Target group:

Directors, senior research support staff

Registration deadline:

2 May

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About the event

Workshop in Oslo for Directors and Senior Research Support Staff.

​Getting Ready for Horizon Europe:

​This workshop is designed to help Directors and Support Staff monitor the development of Horizon Europe. This work is important in identifying new trends in the programme, understanding the background to the workprogrammes and identifying strategy partners for proposals. The last two calls in Horizon 2020 will be testbed for Horizon Europe.


Sean McCarthy

Sean McCarthy

FounderHyperion Ltd.

Dr McCarthy specialises in helping organisations design and implement their European Research Strategies.

Contents of Workshop

Module 1: From Horizon 2020 to Horizon Europe

  • Proposed Structure of Horizon Europe
  • Evolution of Structure from Horizon 2020 to Horizon Europe
  • What's New in Horizon Europe?
  • How to identify the most appropriate funding programmes

Module 2: The Formal Process for Preparing Horizon Europe

  • Different Organisations involved in the process
  • From the Formal Proposal to the Adoption of Horizon Europe
  • Timeline for Horizon Europe

Module 3: Participating in the Decision Making Process (Lobbying)

  • Different Types of Lobbying
  • Lobbying for Pillar I/II/III
  • Lobbying Networks and Associations

Module 4: EIC (European Innovation Council)

  • Background to the EIC
  • EIC Pathfinder, EIC Accelerator, EIT
  • Scaling-up, Disruptive and Enabling Technologies

Module 5: European Partnerships

  • Background to European Partnerships
  • Co-Programmed European Partnerships
  • Co-Funded European Partnerships
  • Institutional European Partnerships

Module 6: Horizon Europe Synergies with other EU Programmes

  • Background to Synergies Initiative
  • Types of Synergies with other EU Programmes
  • Blended Financing
  • Public Procurement
  • Examples of Synergies with ERDF, ESF, ERASMUS, LIFE...

Module 7: Research Support Services 2018+

  • Key Issues to be Monitored in 2018/2019/2020
  • How to Monitor the Evolution of Horizon Europe
  • How to Advise Researchers on Monitoring/Influencing Expert Groups