19 Jun

ERC Starting- and Consolidator Grant writing course in Bergen


19 June 2019 09:00 - 15:00


Hotel Ørnen, Bergen

Type of event:


Target group:

Scientists, advisors

Registration deadline:

14 June

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About the event

The Research Council of Norway and the University of Bergen will arrange a writing course for researchers from Norwegian institutions who plan to apply for an ERC Starting or Consolidator Grant.

An ERC grant is regarded as the most prestigious grant in the H2020 Programme, and is different than most other research funding sources. For this reason, it requires an ‘out-of-the-box’ approach. ERC supports ambitious ideas in high-risk, high-gain research projects. When applying for an ERC grant, it is important to think big, shift writing style, and ensure that the idea is conveyed in the most suitable way.

The writing course will be held by Enspire. For researchers from the University of Bergen it will be possible to request an individual feedback session with the Enspire (see registration). For researchers from other institutions it will be possible to have an individual talk with the representative from The Research Council of Norway and national contact point (NCP) for ERC.

This training presents the ERC to researchers that are interested in applying to ERC funding. The workshop will guide you through the proposal elements and how to present the research idea and yourself.

For more information and registation, please see UiBs webpage:

For individual sessions with the national contact point (NCP) for ERC, please send an email to Berit Sundby Avset: (for researchers that are not at UiB)

For other questions please contact: Anja Hegen, local contact point for ERC at UiB


Berit Sundby Avset


Per Magnus Kommandantvold