A life course approach to common NCD risk factor prevention and reduction

The aim of this call is to fund implementation research focused on addressing common NCD risk factors through interventions that reduce health risk and/or enhance positive health and lifestyle behaviours in young people, and/or in other critical life stages (e.g., childhood, older adults) in low- and lower-middle income countries.

The Research Council of Norway is participating with NOK 20 million in this call. Studies funded through the RCN must focus upon low- and lower-middle income countries (LLMICs). By LLMICs we are referring to "least developed countries, low income countries, and lower middle income countries and territories which are not LDCs" in the DAC List of ODA Recipients.

We highly encourage applicants to apply for co-funding with other GACD funding agencies.

Please find all relevant information on the GACD website, including the the full call text (pdf) and a recording of the call webinar held 7 February.


Karine Kålsås

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Zlata Turkanovic

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