Joint Call for Proposals on Underwater Noise in the Marine Environment

JPI Oceans has launched a call of 8.2 million euro to promote specific lines of research that will contribute better understanding of the anthropogenic effects of underwater noise to the marine environment.

The overall aim of the call on Underwater Noise in the Marine Environment is to decrease the existing high levels of uncertainty and to promote specific lines of research that will contribute to the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) at regional sub-basin scale, and, therewith, contributing to reach the Good Environmental Status (GES) of the European seas and oceans.

With growing awareness, our society – scientific researchers, non-governmental organizations, policy makers, and citizens – recognizes anthropogenic noise as an emerging pollutant and threat for subaquatic environments. Underwater acoustic pollution impacts on the health of marine animal populations and biological productivity. The subject holds paramount scientific value, with large relevance for national regulatory frameworks and potential significant impact through the public perception.

The call will address two main challenges in the field through activities that may focus on:

Theme 1: Effects of anthropogenic noise pollution on marine ecosystems

Theme 2: Innovative seismic sources as an option for quieter and effective alternatives to conventional marine geophysical exploration

Read more about the call for proposals on the JPI Oceans webpage.


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