Centres of Excellence preparing applications in the Exascale era


Advancing Lighthouse Exascale Applications, at the frontier of technology and relevant for the communities of HPC users, that enable and promote the use of upcoming exascale and post exascale computing capabilities in collaboration with other High Performance Computer (HPC) stakeholders.

The goal is to develop or scale up existing parallel codes towards exascale performance, resulting into tangible benefits mainly for scientific challenges. Proposals for Exascale Lighthouse applications will exploit existing federated resources around Europe, developing available competences, and ensuring multidisciplinary (combining application domain and HPC system, software and algorithm expertise). Examples of Exascale Lighthouse applications include weather forecast and climate change, material science, natural hazards, digital twin of the human body.

Proposals for Centres of Excellence in Topic HORIZON-JTI-EuroHPC-2021-COE-01-01 must clearly identify the Exascale Lighthouse applications addressed, and must convincingly demonstrate their exascale capabilities and needs. Proposals should also be able to articulate clearly the scientific grand challenge(s) which will be addressed by the applications and why the exascale performance is needed. Targeted applications should be relevant for communities of HPC users as well as for future EuroHPC JU systems to be acquired. Proposals should be inherently committed to co-design activities to ensure that future HPC architectures are well suited for the applications and their users.

Read more about the call for proposals and apply on the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking webpage.


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