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Pre-project for the Green Platform Initiative

Updated 25 November: The template for project description is somewhat adjusted.

Important dates

01 Dec 2020

Earliest permitted project start

01 Feb 2021

Latest permitted project start

30 Apr 2021

Latest permitted project completion

Important dates


The Green Platform Initiative is a new scheme that provides funding for enterprises and research organisations engaged in the innovation-driven green shift.

We are looking for collaborative consortiums that can deliver the best projects, from research and technology development through to turnkey solutions. The aim is to create green jobs, internationally competitive business and industry and a more sustainable future. 

The first phase of the Green Platform comprises NOK 1 billion over a period of three years. You can apply for funding for pre-projects until 6 January 2021.

About the call for proposals

The Green Platform Initiative aims to contribute to the development of comprehensive, green value chains through large-scale coordinated R&D and innovation projects. The projects should combine knowledge production, technology development, piloting, business development, commercialisation and scaling of green transition processes, products and services. Projects can also cover parts of this overall process, but they must have a clear market goal and sound involvement from business and industry.

The Platform is also intended to increase private investment in green transition processes, increase the scope of such projects in the institute, industrial and service sectors, contribute to swifter implementation of green transition projects and increase Norway’s industrial output and exports.

The Green Platform is a sector and technology-neutral initiative that can provide funding for different industries and technologies that fulfil the objective of the call for proposals.

The Green Platform is a joint initiative between The Research Council, Innovation Norway, Siva and Enova. The different organisations complement each other, and will coordinate funding from the different actors.

See also our information page on the Green Platform Initiative (the link opens in a new window).

Two-step call for proposals
This is the first call for proposals under the auspices of the Green Platform Initiative. It will be carried out in two steps: pre-projects and main projects.  

This call for proposals concerns pre-projects that can lay the ground for larger main projects. The pre-projects can have a duration of up to three months and can receive up to NOK 300,000 in funding. The funding can cover up to 100 per cent of costs eligible for funding. 

In Step 2, it will be possible to apply for funding for large-scale, three-year main projects with a funding need of more than NOK 50 million per project. The main projects must be designed so that the objectives described in the background to the Green Platform Initiative can be achieved. More information about this will be made available in a separate call for proposals that is scheduled for spring 2021. 

Completion of a pre-project is not a requirement for applying for a main project under the Green Platform. 

The goal for and delivery of the pre-projects
The pre-project is to result in a report that applicants can use as the basis for applying for a main project. The report must describe 

  • The goals and ambitions for a main project
  • The applicant consortium/partnership in question (principal environment/actors, associated environments, roles, contributions and responsibilities in the project etc.)
  • Which activities will be carried out in the main project and by whom – in outline
  • Which value chains the project will influence and in what way, and how the consortium is in a position to achieve its goals
  • The value creation potential 
  • How a main project can exploit existing research and innovation infrastructure (for example catapult centres, national research infrastructures)

The pre-projects must deliver a final report no later than three months after being awarded funding. 

The application and assessment process for pre-projects
Applications for a pre-project can be submitted at any time until the final date for applications, 6 January 2021. 

Applicants must use the attached template, which is available for download at the end of the call.  

The applications will be assessed by experts from Innovation Norway, the Research Council and Siva, and they will be assessed as they are received. 

Please contact us if you have any questions





Tor Mühlbradt

Innovation Norway

(+47) 958 58 599

Gaute Moldestad


(+47) 916 61 252

Ida Ulleberg Jensen

The Research Council of Norway

(+47) 920 12 143

Philip Lorentzen

The Research Council of Norway

(+47) 476 72 350

 The Norwegian-language call for proposals is the legally binding version.

Who is eligible to apply?

Enterprises and research organisations in the institute sector are eligible to apply. 

Who can participate in the project?

Requirements relating to the Project Owner
The Project Owner must form a consortium of actors that, together, will contribute to developing an application for a main project under the Green Platform Initiative.

The organisation will be defined as the Project Owner in the application form and must have approved submission of the application.

What can you seek funding for?

You will find detailed and important information about what to enter in the project budget on our website.

The following expenses can be covered:

  • Payroll and indirect expenses
  • Other operating expenses
  • Travel expenses

Read more on our information page about the state aid rules.

Calculation of funding
You can apply for funding for up to 100 per cent of budgeted project costs, limited upwards to NOK 300,000.

You can apply for funding for budgeted project costs.

Support will be awarded to undertakings as de minimis aid. This means that an undertaking may receive maximum EUR 200,000 in de minimis aid over a period of three years.

Before the disbursement of de minimis aid, the Research Council will request written confirmation and an overview of all other de minimis aid the undertaking has received during the three last fiscal years. For undertakings that are part of a group of companies, the maximum limit generally applies to the group as a whole. For more information on de minimis aid, see the Commission Regulation (EU) No 1407/2013.

Reports and disbursement of funding

All reporting takes place electronically.

Relevant thematic areas for this call

Trade and industry

Fisheries and aquaculture, Forests and wood, Agriculture, The environment, Food industry, Oil, gas, Energy, Processing industry, Manufacturing industry, ICT industry, Building, construction and mining, Transport and communications, Finance and banking, Health industry, Travel and tourism, Retail/wholesale, Media and culture, Maritime industry, Other services

Practical information

Requirements for this application type

  • The application and project description must use the template in the call for proposals.
  • The application and all attachments must be written in Norwegian or English.
  • All attachments must be uploaded in PDF format.

Mandatory attachments

  • A project description, using the template that can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.
  • CV of the project manager, using the template that can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

We will not assess documents and websites linked to in the application, or other attachments than those specified above. There is no technical validation of the content of uploaded attachments, so please ensure that you upload the correct file for the selected type of attachment.

Assessment criteria

Grant applications will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria: 


• The extent to which the concept is well-grounded, credible and innovative.
• The extent to which the project objectives are clearly defined and relevant.
• The quality of the planned deliverables in the project.


• The extent to which anticipated impacts are clearly specified.


• The extent to which the project manager and project group are qualified, have the necessary overall expertise and are in a good position to undertake the project.

Relevance to the call for proposals

The extent to which the project satisfies the guidelines and stipulations set out in the call for proposals.

The applications will be assessed by experts from Innovation Norway, the Research Council, Siva and Enova, and they will be processed as they are received. 

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