Pre-project for Health Pilot

The amount of funding available for this call is NOK 8 million. We will publish a notification here if the funding runs out. The call will be closed if all the funding has been allocated.

Important dates

01 Jan 2020

Earliest permitted project start

05 May 2021

Midnight is the deadline for submitting applications for pre-projects

15 May 2021

Latest permitted project start

15 Sep 2021

Deadline main projects

30 Sep 2021

Latest permitted project completion

15 Dec 2021

Decision on funding awards for main projects

Important dates


Pilot Health is a new initiative that gives public sector bodies and businesses the opportunity to establish coordinated, needs-driven innovation together. The initiative shall encourage collaboration between the public and private sector, and provide risk relief for the participants in this kind of project development. The solutions must be innovative, help increase the sustainability of health and care services and potentially target an international market.

We are looking for collaboration consortiums that can deliver the best projects, from research and technology development to turnkey solutions.

You can apply for a pre-project until 5 May 2021, and the applications will be considered as they are received.

About the call for proposals

Through Pilot Health, we will finance innovation processes that can increase sustainability in health and care services and value creation in Norwegian trade and industry, cf. Report No 18 to the Storting (2018–2019) ‘The health industry - working together on value creation and better services’.

The innovation processes shall be based on the needs of patients, inhabitants or the public health services.

The objective of Pilot Health is to develop good solutions that reach patients and inhabitants quicker and, at the same time, strengthen growth in new and existing businesses. See also our information page on Pilot Health (the link opens in a new window).

We plan to hold dedicated information meetings about the call and to link individuals, public sector bodies, businesses and others to enable good consortiums to be established. The goal is for the consortiums to address the health service’s needs, and that the solutions derived thereof shall find a market both in Norway and abroad.

Two-step call for proposals
This is the first call for proposals under the auspices of Pilot Health. It will be carried out in two steps: pre-projects and main projects.

This call for proposals concerns pre-projects that can lay the ground for main projects. The pre-projects can have a duration of up to six months and can receive up to NOK 300,000 in funding. The funding can cover up to 100 per cent of costs eligible for funding.

In Step 2, it will be possible to apply for funding for large-scale three-year main projects with a funding need of NOK 10-25 million per project. The total amount announced in the call will be up to NOK 100 million. The main projects must be designed so that the objectives described in the background to Pilot Health can be achieved. Only public sector bodies and companies can apply for the main project. More information about this will be made available in a separate call for proposals that will be published in spring 2021.

Involvement in a pre-project is not a requirement for applying for a main project under Pilot Health.

The objective of the call for pre-projects is to:

  • ensure that the initiated projects have the best conditions for being able to contribute to sustainable health and care services and value creation in the Norwegian health industry
  • ensure that the solutions developed are of high quality and address patient safety
  • map the needs of the "user partner" so that the innovation is a joint effort and enables a good plan for how the product/service can be purchased by the "user partner" at the end of the project periodensure that collaboration is established between relevant project participants from the public sector, the business sector, research organisations, user organisations, the non-profit sector or other relevant stakeholders
  • identify potential synergies between projects that could lead to new collaboration constellations

The goal for and delivery of the pre-projects
The pre-project is to result in a final report that applicants can use as the basis for applying for a main project. The report must describe:

  • The goals and ambitions for a main project
  • The applicant consortium/partnership in question (principal environment/actors, associated environments, roles, contributions and responsibilities in the project etc.)
  • Which activities will be carried out in the main project and by whom – in outline
  • What the value chain in the project looks like, and how the consortium is in a position to achieve its goals
  • The value creation potential
  • How a main project can exploit existing research and innovation infrastructure (for example catapult centres, national research infrastructures)
  • How users and stakeholders can be closely connected to the project and what role they can play

The pre-projects must deliver a final report no later than six months after being awarded funding and no later than 1 October 2021.

The first call for proposals under Pilot Health will be open to all topics that aim to address clear needs in the health service, but the two following main topics will be given priority:

  1. The patient at home: New products and services in diagnostics, treatment (including clinical trials) and rehabilitation at home as well as new solutions for digital interaction between patients and the health service, including self-service solutions.
  2. Sustainable health service: New technological solutions that increase the efficiency of the health service through e.g. better and more efficient decision support, cooperation between services, area utilisation, logistics and use of personnel.

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Phone number

Renate Margrete Simonsen

The Research Council of Norway

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Karin Øyaas


Siva – Selskapene for industrivekst SF

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Gunilla Martinsson


The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS)


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Lena Forgaard

Helse Vest


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 The Norwegian-language call for proposals is the legally binding version.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Public sector bodies that are registered with a business register number in Norway. See definition of public body.
  • This call is open to companies that have been issued a business register number under the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises and carry out economic activity in Norway. Sole proprietorships are not eligible to apply.
  • Research organisations, see approved research organisations.
  • Patient organisations, cluster organisations, industry organisations and user organisations that have a Norwegian business register number.

Who can participate in the project?

Requirements relating to partners
A project constellation is required to have a minimum of the following:

  • A business that is registered under the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises and carries out economic activity in Norway or an amalgamation of businesses represented by e.g. an industry cluster or a special interest organisation.
  • Someone who represents the health and care services. 

If the Project Owner is a patient organisation, cluster organisation, industry organisation, user organisation or a research organisation, at least one relevant business and someone who represents the health and care services are required to participate, as described in the points above.

We would like relevant stakeholders in Norwegian society or user organisations to be involved as partners.

Other actual or potential partners must be listed in the project description.

What can you seek funding for?

You will find detailed and important information about what to enter in the project budget on our website.

Project costs are the actual costs that are necessary to carry out the project. Pre-project funds can cover the following costs:

  • The Project Owner’s and registered partners’ payroll and indirect costs
  • Other operating expenses, including for advisory services and similar services that exclusively apply to the project

Examples of activities that may be included in a pre-project:

  • Needs assessment, needs clarification and market dialogue
  • Mapping and obtaining partners and identifying resources
  • Identifying activities that are required to complete an innovation process up to implementation and, if applicable, procurement

Calculation of funding
You can apply for funding for up to 100 per cent of budgeted project costs, limited upwards to NOK 300,000.

You can apply for funding for budgeted project costs.

Support will be awarded to undertakings as de minimis aid. This means that an undertaking may receive maximum EUR 200,000 in de minimis aid over a period of three years.

Before the disbursement of de minimis aid, the Research Council will request written confirmation and an overview of all other de minimis aid the undertaking has received during the three last fiscal years. For undertakings that are part of a group of companies, the maximum limit generally applies to the group as a whole. For more information on de minimis aid, see the Commission Regulation (EU) No 1407/2013.

Reports and disbursement of funding

Funding will be disbursed in arrears, and only actual expenses entered in the organisation’s accounts will be covered. All reporting takes place electronically.


Relevant thematic areas for this call


Health, care and welfare services

Practical information

Requirements for this application type

This is an open-ended call for proposals, which means that you cannot change the application once it has been submitted. We therefore recommend that you are certain that you have completed the application prior to submission.

General requirements

  • The applicant/Project Owner must come from an eligible category
  • The grant application must lie within the scope/satisfy the objectives of this call.
  • The funding amount sought, expenses to be covered and any own financing to be provided must be in keeping with the framework of the call.
  • The budget must be formulated correctly so that it clearly indicates what the funding will cover.
  • The application form must be completed in full.
  • The required attachments must be included using the dedicated templates.
  • The project description must provide answers to the items set out in the text of the call.
  • The application and all attachments must be written in Norwegian or English.
  • All attachments must be uploaded in PDF format.

Mandatory attachments

  • Use the project description template that can be downloaded at the bottom of the page. Project description of no more than 3 pages.
  • The CV of the project manager. Use the template that can be downloaded at the bottom of the page. CVs may be a maximum of four pages in length.
  • Confirmation of de minimis aid in accordance with the attached template.

Grant applications that do not satisfy the above requirements will be rejected.

We will not assess documents and websites linked to in the application, or other attachments than those specified above. There is no technical validation of the content of uploaded attachments, so please ensure that you upload the correct file for the selected type of attachment.

Administrative procedures

The applications will be assessed by the Research Council's administration with the support of Siva, the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS) and the regional health trusts. Applications are considered as they are received. It is important that the project description is complete and answers the requirements set out in the call.

A funding decision can be expected within three weeks of receipt of the application.

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